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Shooka Boot Camp Diary: Day One


Shooka Boot Camp Diary: Day One
Hello from Devon! Well I have to say that Shooka Boot Camp is really rather nice so far! Check out the hoodie I got! Admittedly we haven’t actually done any exercise yet but hey, I am taking it each day as it comes. The most terrible thing so far has been driving down the narrowest winding lane crossing everything that another car didn’t come!
I had a lovely welcome from the Shooka team, was shown to my very nice en-suite room which I have now trashed (will show you a pic of that when I have tidied up), and had a team briefing about what was in store for us.

There are house rules you know? If you leave your mug on the table then everyone has to do burpees (?) and if you are so much as a minute late for training, everyone has to do more burpees! Or something like that. I have already left my cup on the table once. Ooops.
Next we were weighed and measured, and yes, Christmas has taken its toll. But I am not alone, everyone pretty much seemed to have the same complaint. Next was dinner! Yay!
Shooka Boot Camp Diary: Day One
It was really, really nice, but it was so so small. It was cod with a walnut crust on broad bean mash and broccoli. I wasn’t allowed any salt even though I asked really nicely! It really was delish and I could have eaten it three times but I am sure that has a lot to do with the fact I ate so much over Christmas and haven’t really stopped since. Every time I thought about boot camp I ate a biscuit! I am sure I’ll get used to the portions soon. I’ll be having 1200 kcals per day.
Shooka Boot Camp Diary: Day One
Then it was relaxing time. Everyone is really nice and we all had a lovely chat and watched a bit of Celebrity Big Brother. Speidi to win!!
Shooka Boot Camp Diary: Day One
The fun starts tomorrow at 7am. Apparently I don’t need to set an alarm as music will blare out around the cottage. Oh goody!? We have a fitness test at 7.30am and then a run. Not really looking forward to that but once it’s over we have breakfast! I will like that.
I’ll be back tomorrow to report on what else I get up to, but so far, I am jolly glad I came. Feeling rather positive.

*I am attending as a guest of Shooka Boot Camp for the purpose of review.


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  1. Anonymous February 5, 2013 at 9:31 pm #

    The food doesn’t look very exciting! Barely enough to feed one small Shooka bird!

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