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Shooka Boot Camp Diary: Day Three (and Fake Baking Susie Amy)


I kind of had my most fun day and my worst day at boot camp today. Let me tell you!
I’ll start with the food! I absolutely loved it today. We had yummy porridge with coconut, pomegranate and molasses for breakfast, chunky fish chowder for lunch and gorgeous, gorgeous steak for dinner. The food made me really happy.
I also really enjoyed the first session, boxing. I partnered up with lovely Brooke Kinsella who is a total sweetheart. She might be little but she packs a powerful punch and helped keep me really motivated.
I also enjoyed the next session which was Clay Pigeon shooting. I started off rubbish and then got really rather good (even if I do say so myself) so that was really rewarding, if not a little cold!
Then we had a beach session….I have to start this off by saying that I absolutely hate the sand, particularly wet sand and so this ‘fun’ activity was actually my worst nightmare. We basically did circuits on Dawlish beach which involved press ups (in the wet sand), sit ups ((in the wet sand), crocodile crawls ?! don’t ask (in the wet sand) and many more things that I could cope with on a nice dry floor. We then had a game of bucket ball (all covered in wet sand) and I absolutely hated it! Everyone else seemed to love it….I did not. In fact, I was so horrified that I probably could have killed. Bit hey ho it’s over now!
What I will say is that Dawlish is very pretty and if any army man ever invites you to a ‘beach session’ in the bleak mid-winter, make sure you are covered head to toe in waterproofs. Nuff said. I don’t have any pics of the session, I don’t want to think about it again!
Back at the ranch we did an abs blast which I loved (because it wasn’t in the wet sand) and a very interesting self defence demo and we were done for the day.
After dinner the real fun started! We have 2 lovely ladies from Fake Bake here at the Boot Camp and one of them, gorgeous Victoria, gave me a little crash course in spray tanning!! YES! Now we’re talking..

And guess who I practised on?! Susie Amy!!! Susie is such a sweetie and was so lovely to let me have a try out spray tanning on her!! Obvz I was under the close supervision of Victoria but here is some of my handy work!!
Check out the muscles on her back – that’s 2 days at Boot Camp for you!! Susie and I both want to do the professional Fake Bake spray tan course and Victoria says we can!! Exciting!!!! We’ll be spray-tastic.
I am in a world of pain with my muscles but getting a go on a spray tan gun has certainly made me forget about it a bit! I have a feeling tomorrow is going to be a tough day but as long as it doesn’t involve wet sand, I’ll be fine.

*I am attending as a guest of Shooka Boot Camp for the purpose of review.


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