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Shooka Boot Camp Diary: Day Two


Ok, so today wasn’t quite the breeze that yesterday was. In fact it was really rather tough! 
But I am in my onesie now planning when I am having my Lava Shells massage and all is good with the world.
It was tough but it was a really brilliant day and I feel so good that I got through it.
I got up at 7 and we were all out by 7.30am for a fitness test and a road run. Results were recorded so we’ll all do that again at the end of the week to see how much our fitness levels have improved.
After that we came back and had breakfast. I drank my juice happily while I waited for my breakfast only to be given the bad news that the juice was my breakfast. Oh how I LOL’d!!
After that it was off for Tabata training which is ratio training – 20 seconds working and 10 seconds rest. It was really good, although quite hard, but the way it was structured meant that is was easy to stay motivated. It flew by.
And then it was snack time. Half an apple and a handful of nuts. Really good but I wanted more. Obvz!
Then the final session of the morning – circuits. It was my worst one but it was the last intense session of the day so it was all good!
Lunch time!!! Sweet potato, goat’s cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds and rocket. I loved this!
We had a lovely break and got ready for the afternoon’s activity – the walk! I was picturing a stroll but it was actually a 3 hour 8.5 mile hilly hike. Ouch! But hey! It is boot camp after all.
When we got back we had a lovely snack – rice cake and spicy guacamole – and I felt rather content.
Until the ice plunge! I can’t believe I did it, but I did! I was told that if I spent 2 full minutes in a freezing pool my muscle recovery would be vastly enhanced. Considering I was already stiffening up, I couldn’t really say no. It was genuinely the coldest I have ever been in my life but it made getting into the hot tub that much sweeter! I felt quite proud too.
We finished with a dinner of lovely Thai green curry – I have no pics of the last 2 meals because I ate them before I even thought about instagram! 
In the evening we all chilled out and had a play with Lava Shells, which are an amazing massage tool. I am going to have a full treatment later in the week.
Here is Calum Best having a go!
We chatted with our lovely Shooka boys. This is Stuart Saxby (left) the man in charge of getting us fit, and Bear (right) there to attend to our every need. Except he won’t smuggle in Mars Bars.
I’m quite achy but I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Who knew?! Visit to find out more.

*I am attending as a guest of Shooka Boot Camp for the purpose of review.


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