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Smith and Cult Autumn Winter 15/16 Swatches


Check out the Smith and Cult Autumn Winter 15/16 shades. I love this brand. The name is really cool. There’s something about it. I think it’s that, if you think of the name Smith and Cult, you don’t think of nail polish, but when you see the amazing polishes with the laid-back chic logo in subtle gold handwriting, everything looks right. I don’t know – it’s just oozes effortless cool. Which I am not. But I like being able to apply some effortless cool to my nails, if you know what I mean. Anyway…


Smith and Cult Autumn Winter 15/16

So I was first introduced to the brand last year when the line hit UK shores and it really was love at first sight. You can check out 10 or so of the key shades from the collection HERE. The good news is, there are 3 more shades for AW and they are beaut! It’s no surprise.


Smith and Cult Autumn Winter 15/16

This feels slightly out of place because I have been talking about SS16 all week, but they just arrived and I love them so I had to share.

Smith and Cult Autumn Winter Shades

This is a delectable trio:


Smith and Cult Autumn Winter 15/16

  • Filth Noir
  • Regret the Moon
  • No Poem

Smith and Cult Autumn Winter Swatches

Filth Noir:


Smith and Cult Filth Noir Swatch

Regret the Moon:


Smith and Cult Regret the Moon Swatch

No Poem:


Smith and Cult No Poem Swatch

I love all three and am actually struggling to decide my favourite. I am tempted to say that it’s Regret the Moon, but maybe it’s Filth Noir….or No Poem?! No Poem is the shade I have left on, but I am still hankering after the other two!

The Smith and Cult Autumn Winter 15/16 collection is out now. You can buy Smith and Cult at Space NKAny nail polish fan needs at least one bottle in their collection.




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