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The Perfect Spring Look From Nude By Nature

Stephanie Usher
ReallyRee Contributor

Nude By Nature is an Australian beauty brand, who are dedicated to bringing us good beauty products, without the compromise. Their ethos is all about promising natural formulas, which deliver great results, but which go beyond makeup – offering benefits that are good for the skin too! All the ingredients in the products are derived from the pristine Australian environment.

Nude By Nature

Nude By Nature Packaging

Their list of beautiful ingredients is vast, including Lilly Pilly, Quandongm Macadamia Oil, Avocodo Oil, Shea Butter and many others! They even pride themselves on being 100% cruelty free and PETA certified. The Nude By Nature collection includes everything from makeup for your face, to makeup for your eyes. They even have a whole host of value kits and tools, to help you get value for money from your collection!

Nude By Nature

Nude By Nature

I was delighted to be offered a chance to review three gorgeous products, which together, make for a perfect spring look. Let’s take a look…

Nude By Nature

Nude By Nature Products

Nude By Nature Sheer Glow BB Cream (30ml)

As the name suggests, this is a beautiful BB cream, which is just perfect for this time of year! It arrives in the Nude By Nature white box, but inside is a beige tube, which has been finished with rose gold detailing. Blogger heaven right? This BB Cream quickly gets to work at evening out skin tone, minimising the appearance of fine lines and covering imperfections. It leaves the skin with a glowing, luminous finish – which of course is perfect for holidays, but also casual days and days in the office. The ingredients include Australian Kakadu Plum (great for its Vitamin C properties) and it’s completely silicone-free! It even has SPF 8, which although isn’t too high, it’s a great layer of extra protection! Find it here

Nude By Nature

Sheer Glow BB Cream

Nude By Nature Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer (10g)

At this time of year, I’m all about finding that perfect matte bronzer! Whilst I have my favourites, I’m always up for trying something new. The Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer is available in just one shade, but Nude By Nature say that it adapts naturally to all skin tones. As my skin is so light, it works well for me with a duo fibre brush, as it just picks up the right amount of pigment. It’s really lightweight on the skin and it blends effortlessly into the complexion. Find it here

Nude By Nature

Pressed Matte Mineral Bronzer

Nude By Nature Shimmering Sands Loose Eyeshadow

Anyone who regularly reads my posts for Ree, will know that I’m a complete shimmer obsessive – so this eyeshadow is right up my street! It arrives in a lovely little tube, where you screw off the lid to reveal a doefoot applicator inside! I have to say that being a loose shimmer, this shadow can make a lot of mess, so just prep yourself for the glitter cloud when you open it up! That being said, it’s easy to get the hang of it after a couple of uses! The eyeshadow itself is really pigmented and you can use it in a variety of ways: you can use it all over the lid, or you can just use it on the inner corner. The opportunities are endless… Find it here

Nude By Nature

Shimmering Sands Loose Eyeshadow


Nude By Nature

Nude By Nature Swatches

Together these three products give you a lovely, spring, glowing complexion! It’s well worth checking out Nude By Nature this summer, their collection is full of lovely products! Find them here

Stephanie xx

Hope Freedom Love

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