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The Light Salon – Express LED Facials at Harvey Nichols


Want a super effective facial without spending too much time or money? Then this might interest you. This week I visited the Light Salon in Harvey Nichols which offers up fifteen-minute anti-ageing and skin correcting Express LED treatments. What’s really cool is that you can get a super fast skin fix at a very accessible price – it’s a win win for sure when it comes to time and money. Here’s what you need to know.

The Light Salon - Express LED Facials at Harvey Nichols

The Light Salon – Express LED Facials at Harvey Nichols

The Light Salon was co-founded by best friends Hannah Measures and Laura Ferguson who wanted to introduce a unique time and money saving concept to the UK beauty market.

LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment which works to energise the cells and trigger them to start to repair themselves. This prompts an increase in the production of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Fabulous! The Light Salon uses the very latest in LED technology which was developed in Korea and delivers superior results, in half the time of standard LED machines.

The Light Salon - Express LED Facials at Harvey Nichols

The Light Salon – Express LED Facials at Harvey Nichols

What makes the treatment offering very unique is the way it is delivered. There’s no treatment bed but instead, an extremely comfy reclining arm chair that you simply relax back into and the treatment starts. One second you’re walking into Harvey Nichs, the next you are transported to a place of relaxation under the power of the lights. Rwenty minutes later you are back in action on your way to your next meeting with skin glowing. Simple!

The Light Salon – Skin Rejuvenation Facial £35

I had the facial that’s part of the core offering of the salon, the Skin Rejuvenation Facial.

The Light Salon - Express LED Facials at Harvey Nichols

The Light Salon – Express LED Facials at Harvey Nichols

After a quick cleanse and treatment, the light therapy starts and very quickly lulls you into a state of relaxation. The light feels absolutely amazing. At first your eyes follow the light but only for a brief time and then it kind of envelopes you and you can feel yourself drift off.

The light that’s used for Skin Rejuvenation is Near-Infrared (830nm) which appears as a yellow light. Near-Infrared has a longer wavelength and is able to penetrate deeper into the skin. It is suitable for treating all skin tones (from I to V), and the most vulnerable, sensitive skin types. This was particularly interesting to me on the day because I was actually suffering from some kind of allergic reaction and woke up with my skin feeling sore and sensitive and my eyes were super swollen. This is really unusual for me and I wasn’t sure that a facial was the best idea.

The Light Salon - Express LED Facials at Harvey Nichols

The Light Salon – Express LED Facials at Harvey Nichols

Well this facial just happened to be the perfect thing. It was so calming and comforting and after twenty minutes the extreme puffiness of my eyes was significantly better. I was really impressed. The following day my skin had a definite glow and the signs of the allergic reaction were pretty much gone.

Add On Treatments

I am excited to try further treatments at The Light Salon because the benefits are cumulative. Also there’s a whole menu of add on treatments that can be incorporated into the LED therapy. These include microdermabrasion, micro-channel needling and various peels for more targeted results.

For more information on The Light Salon click here. I’d definitely recommend a quick session the day before a special occasion when you want your skin to glow and your makeup to glide on.

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