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Time Bomb Holiday in a Bottle Review

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Time Bomb Holiday in a bottle – what is not to love about this name? Straight away it conjures up lovely memories of relaxing holidays, sunbathing by the pool, sipping a sangria in the evening with that sun kissed glow that makes you look radiant and healthy.

time bomb holiday in a bottle

Time bomb Holiday in a Bottle

But that’s one or two weeks a year.  What about the other fifty weeks? If like me, you live somewhere where you don’t get to see much of the big yellow ball in the sky, you will be used to having that pale, washed out look to your face once any summer holiday tan has faded.

But no more, thanks to this ingenious complexion enhancer.

Holiday in a Bottle is not a stain, self tanner or foundation. When you pump some of the cream it comes out as a slightly grey colour but activates when rubbed on to the face and gives an all over wash of colour.

Time Bomb Holiday in a Bottle

Time Bomb Holiday in a Bottle Texture

There are two shades – Sunkissed, for a lighter honeyed sunny glow and Suntanned for a translucent sunny bronze.

I’ve been trying out Suntanned, which although I have olive toned skin, I did think was too dark for me. However, once I blended in the cream, it gives a lovely tone to my skin.

Although this isn’t a foundation, because of the translucent bronzing effect, I’m happy to wear this instead of a foundation and with a little concealer.

As with any base, be sure to blend this in well around your jawline and down on to your neck. I will also use a small amount of this mixed into my normal foundation, for those days where I need the coverage but want the sunshine.

Here you can see Holiday in a Bottle blended in to my right hand.

Holiday in a bottle is oil free and paraben free.

“A quick hit of sunshine”which gives an instant, natural-looking wash of colour with a sun kissed glow.

This is a great enhancer to get us all through the upcoming winter months.

Find Time Bomb Holiday In A Bottle here



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