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Top Tips For The Perfect Makeup Base

Amy Marshment
ReallyRee Contributor

Regardless of the occasion, a great makeup base creates confidence whatever other cosmetics you are wearing. It’s crucial to get the basics right before bringing out the glitter and shadows.

Skin care & cosmetics. Woman applying skin tone foundation

There are many beautiful products that are labelled “full coverage” to help you create a perfect base, but you may just be missing out on the small tricks that will help give your foundation that extra flawless edge. So here’s our top tips for achieving a perfect makeup base:

  1. Colour Correct

    Top Tips For The Perfect Makeup Base – Colour Correct

    Colour correct before applying your base makeup. This is a step many forget, but it leaves your makeup looking seamless and your skin free from imperfections. Use a green tone to cancel out any redness on the skin and warmer tones to defeat dark circles. For more hints on how to achieve a flawless photoshopped look by colour correcting, refer to the colour wheel above. Remember, opposite colours cancel each other out.

  2. Moisturise 

    Top Tips For The Perfect Makeup Base – Moisturise

    It’s not all about the makeup! If you’ve had a heavy night and your skin is looking dull and tired then help restore the glow with a good moisturiser. This is essential for a smooth canvas and stops any patchiness with the foundation on your skin. Pair with a good primer for a long-lasting base. Distinguish between the different types of primers to tackle certain looks. Use a silicone based primer for filling in pores and a luminous primer for a glow from within.

  3. Choose the Right Foundation
    Choose the right foundation for your skin colour and type

    Top Tips For The Perfect Makeup Base – Foundation Colour

    We’ve all been there and mistakenly purchased a foundation at least a shade lighter or darker than our skin. To perfect your look, make sure to ask for a recommendation for your skin tone and skin type! There are many awesome apps for foundation pairing and experts on the make-up counters will be happy to colour match you and give you advice.

  4. Set With Powder 
    Top Tips For The Perfect Makeup Base

    Top Tips For The Perfect Makeup Base – Set With Powder

    Bake under your eyes with a translucent powder, using a damp sponge or brush. Apply the product generously. Let the powder stay on your face for up to ten minutes. This balances the heat on your face to completely set the foundation and concealer and results in a flawless finish with zero creasing!

  5. Set Your Base
    Top Tips For The Perfect Makeup Base

    Top Tips For The Perfect Makeup Base – Setting Spray

    Once you’ve applied your makeup, a good setting spray can be the make or break for your look staying put. If you’re heading for a big night out, a long day at the office or find that the sun in summer makes your makeup slide, a setting spray can really help.



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