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Toss the Toner? Activating is the New Toning Say Super From Dr Perricone


I have recently been ‘activating’ my skin instead of toning it! Sounds good doesn’t it?
Super by Dr Nicholas Perricone Moisturising Activator
Basically I have been using this Moisturising Activator Treatment Prep from Super by Dr Nicholas Perricone after cleansing instead of a toner.
There are a whole range of Activators which target different skin concerns, but as in the Winter months my skin tends to dry out, I went for the Moisturising Activator. Others to choose from are Firming, Clarifying and Brightening.
The Activators very much feel and look like toners but they promise to deliver triple action benefits. My moisturising Activator in particular says it Exfoliates, Saturates and Activates.

It contains Chia Oil which creates a natural, air-tight barrier to lock moisture in to the skin and keep de-hydrators out. It also packs a serious punch of Omega-3.
Lactic and glycolic acids exoliate and prep skin to take in all the nutrients the Activator contains. Also Ceramides help restore balance to dry skin and form a protective barrier. Oat proteins condition and smooth.
So as you can see, activating is rather more appealing than just plain old toning!
But does it live up to the hype? As this is a Moisturising Activator I am going to judge it on the hydration levels of my skin. And so on that  basis I have to give it a massive thumbs up.
I have been using it for three weeks now instead of toner and I can ‘hand on heart’ say that my skin is not displaying a single hint of dryness. Success!!
Whether this is in some part down to the milder weather we’ve been experiencing I can’t say, but I am inclined to think it’s because I am all ‘Activated’!!!
I believe!  The only thing I don’t enjoy about it is the smell and that’s because it reminds me of marzipan which I am so not a fan of! But in spite of that, I’m certainly going to continue to use it.
The Super by Dr Nicholas Perricone Activators cost £28.50 each and, with 2 pumps on to a cotton pad twice a day, should last at least 3 months.
For more information visit
Have you tried any of the Super range yet?

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One Response to Toss the Toner? Activating is the New Toning Say Super From Dr Perricone

  1. ali thorpe February 27, 2012 at 9:33 pm #

    Feel a bit guilty now. I used to tone twice a day when I used Clinique but I’m back on my faithful Dermalogica (which I love) and I’ve cut toning out altogether. My skin feels great at the moment so I don’t know whether I should meddle and introduce a toner now…

    Having said all this, the idea of ‘activated’ skin is rather appealing!

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