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Toulou Organics Skincare Review


I have been using a couple of products from the Toulou Organics Skincare range and I really really like them. Toulou Organics was founded by Andrea Lawrence who is a Therapist/Aromatherapist and it only uses certified organic ingredients that feed and enhance the skin naturally, restoring its natural balance.
Toulou Organics Skincare Review
I  received a gift set but the 2 products that really stood out for me Toulou Organic Chamomile Flower Water and Rejuvenating Moringa Seed Oil and Camellia Face Creme.

Toulou Organics Chamomile Flower Water Review
I use the Toulou Flower Water pretty much everyday because it is so soothing, refreshing and hydrating. I spritz it on after cleansing and then seal it in with a drop of facial oil. It is so good and super gentle and feels amazing even when my skin is irritated. I keep it near me when I am working and lightly spritz it to refresh my skin and spirit! I also love to spray it into my hand and blend it with 1 drop of rosehip oil – I press the mix on to my skin, even after makeup, to add radiance and luminosity. This is a great trick!
Toulou Organics Rejuvenating Moringa Seed Oil and Camellia Face Creme
The Toulou Organics Rejuvenating Moringa Seed Oil and Camellia Face Creme is another star. It smells absolutely amazing and just feels like I am applying pure goodness to my skin. And it is very pure – packed with antioxidant Vitamins A and C, essential fatty acids, Green Tea extracts and of course its headline products, Moringa Seed Oil and Camellia.
It is nourishing, smoothing, soothing, plumping and glow-giving – it really is a gorgeous product and I truly love it under makeup as it transforms my dehydrated skin in seconds.
I think it’s such a shame that I never see anyone talking about Toulou Organics because these products are just gorgeous. I’m so pleased I discovered them. The packaging is really basic which could put some people off, but I am prepared to overlook that – they are a small brand focusing on high quality, pure ingredients and results, not inflating prices with flashy bottles. 
You can find Toulou Organics Skincare online. The Chamomile Water is Β£10 and the Face Creme is Β£23.
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  1. Dija March 23, 2014 at 8:10 pm #

    It is a shame they don’t get much press or discussion because I think they’re great! The flower water is a good little number. I’m very much into face spritz so it always gets my vote. Have you ever tried any of their facials?

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