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An Underwear Epiphany



So last week I had quite a bra epiphany, if it’s possible to be that serious about such a thing!

I was invited to have a professional bra fitting at Bravissimo and was promised something amazing.

All the Bravissimo fitters do not use a measuring tape but actually fit by eye! Now there’s a trick!

So I went along to the Oxford Circus branch and was warmly greeted by Frankie, one of Bravissimo’s trained professional bra fitters.


Once I had been safely led to my own spacious changing room, I whipped off my top, kept my own bra on,  and Frankie began her assessment. She had a little feel of the straps and fit, a quick visual once over and she was off to find a bra that she promised would be the perfect fit.
Now, I was already pretty happy with a few of the bras I have, and had been measured (with a tape) not so long ago. I was under the impression that I was a 30F and was quite satisfied with that. I didn’t think that Frankie would be able to come up with anything better.


When Frankie reappeared after a short time, it was with a very pretty bra that was actually a 28G. She didn’t tell me this until I had it on and was admiring my amazing perky frontage!

I nearly fell over (front first) when she told me the size!! But the bra looked amazing and it created THE most flattering shape. It was a perfect fit.
So once we had established that the 28G was the size for me, we tried lots of different styles and designs.

Frankie gave me some brilliant tips on getting a bra on just right – it was all to do with a grab, a wiggle and a jiggle….or something along those lines. Perhaps I should leave it to the experts!


Once I had a short list, Frankie brought in all the matching undies and left me alone to make a final choice. But never fear, help was on hand if I needed it. All I had to do was press the switch. But I didn’t need to…
I tried on some beautiful sets, but strangely, I went for the first bra that Frankie brought me, with the pretty little knickers that matched. Perfect!
I think Frankie might just be a bit of a magician!
I have to say, I was super impressed with the service. The fitting is completely free with no obligation and the range on offer was impressive. I couldn’t believe how many choices there were, even for a 28G. I didn’t even feel particularly busty as I definitely heard talk of an ‘L’ cup! No-one batted an eye lid!
Above all, it was actually a really fun and surprisingly UN-embarrassing experience. My new bra is a complete revelation. It makes my clothes look amazing and looks pretty good without my clothes too!
If you’re a D cup or above (and you are more than likely bigger than you think) then you should definitely try this out. You can’t look your best without the right support and I have to say, a trip to Bravissimo is, without doubt, something I’d recommend.
All the girls were completely lovely and there was one girl there who fell in love with my baby (the Chanel!). Sorry, you probably thought I had managed to write a whole post without mentioning her!! Wrong!!
Visit for more information and click here to find your nearest store.


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2 Responses to An Underwear Epiphany

  1. BigFashionista February 15, 2011 at 10:31 am #

    I keep meaning to do this, I hear so many good things about Bravissimo, measured by eye? thats good, wonder if they can tell me my clothes size too x x

    () (0)
  2. Hazel February 15, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

    ‘If you are a D-cupor above…’ I wish! ;o)
    It does sound like great service though which is something I don’t think we see enough of. Well done Bravissimo.

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