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What’s in Store for Jo Malone? New Style Editor Charlotte Stockdale Share Her Thoughts


Style Editors seem to be the new direction for many brands right now, with luxury fragrance and beauty brand, Jo Malone, being no exception.
Charlotte Stockdale appointed Style Editor at Jo Malone
It was announced last Friday (13th January 2012) that Jo Malone have appointed renowned fashion expert and  stylist Charlotte Stockdale to be the brand’s very own Style Editor.
Charlotte has an amazing fashion CV – Fashion Director at i-D magazine, she has also contributed to titles including Vogue, Bazaar, Numero and worked with photographers such as Nick Knight and Mario Testino as well as consulting for Karl Lagerfeld.
And for those of you that have absolutely no idea what a Style Editor is (me until very recently), Charlotte is charged with the role of cultivating the brand’s image, contributing to campaigns and in-store experience; she will also act as a curator of collaborations with fresh British talent.
 Here’s a a Q&A with Charlotte that should help fill us in…
As a fashion editor why is it exciting to work on a fragrance brand?
Fashion is all about the feel of fabric. It is visual and revolves around the sensation of wearing cloth. Different cuts and styles can make you feel different emotions. It is fascinating to move into the world of fragrance and experience the same process through smell. I find the idea that people are drawn to certain scents incredibly interesting. What draws one to a smell? Is it only the smell or is it the bottle, the box, the colour of the liquid? It is extremely exciting to be part of the development of the personality of individual scents.
What does Jo Malone London mean to you? When did you discover it? What’s your experience of it?
I discovered Jo Malone London, like many others, through friends gifting me, around 10 years ago. I remember receiving this ultra chic and rather distinctive box and wondering what it could possibly contain, needless to say it was Lime, Basil & Mandarin. I was most intrigued and consequently a devotee. I have continued to use the products, personally and to scent my home; I am always drawn to the floral range. Recently my eyes have been opened to the world of combining and I love the idea of mixing different fragrances and creating your own statement. The joy of fragrance is not only in the now but in the memories it carries with it. Two of the things that makes me feel the happiest are stepping out of a plane into the blast of hot air in summertime Greece, full of the scent of wild sage and oregano or the way a garden smells after rain in England.
Jo Malone
Why does Jo Malone stand out from the crowd for you?
Firstly, the packaging certainly made an impact on me; it is chic and timeless with a strong identity. The fragrances have always been so innovative, with a certain authenticity and English elegance.
What do you think you can bring to Jo Malone London?
Jo Malone London has such a strong, clear identity, although I would like to add a little more imagination, a little more fun. As a stylist I can see where we can be more textured and colourful, especially related to home and packaging. I see potential for new multi sensorial shopping experiences that integrate smell, taste and sight and an opportunity for more interaction with customers.
How do you see the future of Jo Malone London?
Jo Malone London inspires me to not only want to buy for myself but buy for others. I see the potential for the brand to reach out into a world of personal indulgence and spoiling gifts with no limits.

I love Jo Malone so I’m super excited to see what the future holds

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