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5 Biggest Lipstick Mistakes You Are Probably Making

29 Aug 2014

Lipstick has made a huge comeback in recent years. No longer is lippy shunned in favour of lip gloss tubes or chunky crayons. It reigns supreme once again, right up there with other lip products – hoards of MAC bullets filling your handbag and  glimmering YSL cases adorning your dressing table.

But with every make up product comes potential pitfalls. Here are 5 lipstick mistakes you are probably making.

1. Using out-of-date lipstick


It’s happened to the best of us; you spent an age finding the most perfect shade of lipstick for your skin tone, and right on cue it is discontinued. It can be overwhelmingly tempting to hold on to that product for as long as humanly possible, using the tiniest amount at a time, but don’t forget that make up does go off. Lipstick only has a shelf life of around 2 years – *just* enough time to find the perfect dupe!

2. Forgetting to blot


Blotting your lipstick might seem like one of those old-fashioned tips that doesn’t really matter (or even work), but don’t write off this piece of retro advice just yet. Remember that scene in Mad Men when all of the secretaries tried out lipstick shades, each one kissing a tissue no matter what the colour? Almost every finish benefits from a little blotting to avoid feathering, colour bleed and that dreaded treacle-lips feeling.

3. Wearing down the shape


Lipsticks manufacturers kindly provide us with that beautiful, classic lipstick shape to perfectly fit the contours of our luscious lips, and what do we do? Wear it down in all the wrong places so we’re left with an awkward-looking stub that is compatible with precisely no lip shape. It’s worth taking a little extra care to make the most of the super pointy tip – gorgeously defined cupid bows await you all!

4. Not properly preparing your base


You wouldn’t dream of applying foundation to uncleansed, unmoisturised skin, so why would you neglect your lips in the same way? Any make up, whether foundation or lipstick, will look approximately a million times better on a properly prepared canvas. Lip scrubs and a good lip balm aren’t hard to come across, so before you even think of test driving your new lippy, get to work on polishing your pout.

5. Overdoing the top coat


Whether you like to seal your lipstick with something like Lipcote or just pop some gloss on top, it’s surprisingly easy to over-do it with these products. I personally love to let my lipstick do its thing on its own, but if you’re a fan of that extra top layer, here are some pointers. Use Lipcote with as light a hand as possible, using small amounts at a time to avoid overloading the product. With gloss, try applying only in the centre of the lips – you’ll use less product, and it will help to make your lips look that bit plumper too!

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