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5 Tips on Preparing for a Brazilian

3 Nov 2014

Let’s be honest here, whether you’re riddled with anxiety, or cool as a cucumber, when you go for a Brazilian you are about to show your most intimate and gynaecological of areas to a complete stranger. Very few other people in your lifetime will get quite so up close and personal with your crotch, which means a Brazilian appointment requires a certain amount of preparation that an appointment for eyebrow waxing might not. Here are 5 Tips on Preparing for a Brazilian. You might also want to read 3 Reasons Not to get a Brazilian and How to Choose a Salon, just for good measure!

1. Keep It Clean


Firstly, as a courtesy to the waxing technician the very least you can do is be scrupulously, spotlessly clean. That means extreme showering of everywhere that might be on display or waxed, and a last minute going over with a baby wipe too, especially if it’s been a few hours since you showered by the time your appointment comes around. Remember that after waxing your beauty therapist might go over the skin with a pair of tweezers to search for tiny, stray hairs. This kind of close up scrutiny requires absolutely impeccable hygiene.

2. Pick The Right Time Of The Month


Avoid Brazilian waxing during your period. Hormones released into your body around your period time mean that your pain threshold is lowered and you’re likely to find getting a Brazilian far more of an ordeal that you might at other times. Not only that, some salons simply won’t offer waxing whilst you have your period, although some will as long as you wear a tampon. If in doubt, do it the week after you finish menstruating when it’s far less likely to hurt.

3. Grow Your Hair


Make sure the hair is a reasonable length before you book. Hair needs to be at least a ¼ inch long for the wax to grab it, and even longer than that for coarser hair, so don’t go too soon after last shaving. Concerned about whether you should trim the length of the hair before you arrive? Don’t be. For most salons this is an ‘all part of the service kind of a thing’, and your beauty therapist would honestly prefer to do the trimming to the right length for you. Coarser hair needs to be longer than fine, and if you cut it too short you’ll be sent home to leave it to grow. Best leave it to the experts so you don’t need a repeat visit.

4. Avoid Body Lotion


Skip the body lotion or talcum powder. Wax needs to grip the hair to remove it properly, so skip body lotion or talc the day of a waxing appointment and make sure skin is scrupulously washed and dried to remove any previously applied products. Most salons will apply lotion to soothe the skin after waxing anyway, so your skin won’t dry up in one day without body lotion.

5. Pop Some Pills


Take a paracetamol an hour before your waxing appointment. The truth is that whilst waxing isn’t excruciating, it can certainly be uncomfortable, especially the first few times you wax a new area. So do yourself (and other customers who might hear you shrieking) a favour and take a pain killer before your appointment to mitigate any pain. Paracetamol is better than ibuprofen or aspirin as it has less blood thinning qualities and so is less likely to encourage small spots of bleeding that can often be the result of removing hair at the roots.

Finally, take a deep breath and remember, however terrifying you find it, a Brazilian only takes 10-30 minutes, so at the very least it will be mercifully swift.

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2 thoughts on “5 Tips on Preparing for a Brazilian

  1. I have been waxing for over 15 years and I was shocked to discover whilst having a hot wax that by the therapist literally covering the skin with talc totally removed the pain as the only thing the wax clung to was the hair. Why everyone doesn’t do it – I don’t know!! I’ve been through hundreds of agonising waxes!! Potentially it only works with hot wax- I don’t know. Anyway the two waxes I’ve had from Laura were shockingly painless and excellent too- and I mean a lot of talc x

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