Atelier Cologne Clementine California Review - Summer Spritzing

Atelier Cologne Clementine California Review

26 Jun 2018
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I am a big fan of the Atelier Cologne fragrance brand and this perfume is just such a beauty. Atelier Cologne Clementine California is summer in a bottle with its fruity, green and sweet notes. If you are on the hunt for something uplifting and light that you want to spritz all day long, then read on!

Atelier Cologne Clementine California
Atelier Cologne Clementine California

First of all, I love the Atelier aesthetic. The large bottles have a super cool vintage vibe and also you can get the super cute travel size bottles that come in the sleekest leather sleeves (monogrammable in store).

Atelier Cologne Clementine California
Atelier Cologne Clementine California

It’s such a lovely touch. I loved the last launch, Iris Rebelle, and this summer scent is no disappointment.

Atelier Cologne Clementine California – The Story

This brand sets the scene for each fragrance:

“It was the warmest summer on record and the mood was equally intense at the film studios. He had been searching for her for months, growing tired of the perfect actress-type. About to give up, the moment came when it all changed. There she was at the opposite end of the counter; the woman he had been dreaming of. Her natural beauty and distinct voice would for sure steal the scene. He now had to convince her to change the course of her life”.

Atelier Cologne Clementine California

What I love about this fragrance is how juicy it is. Juicy is one of my favourite words – it’s how I always want my skin to look, and this scent makes me feel really awake, vibrant and sunny.

Atelier Cologne Clementine California – The Notes

  • Top – Californian Clementine, Italian Mandarin, Macedonian Juniper Berries
  • Middle – Chinese Star Anise, Chines Sichuan Pepper, Egytian Basil
  • Base – Haitian Vetiver, New Caledonian Sandalwood, French Cypress
Atelier Cologne Clementine California
Atelier Cologne Clementine California

It is such a zesty beautiful blend and it is instantly motivating like a sunny day. Spraying this fragrance is actually kind of addictive. The more you spritz, the more you want to spritz. I just want to be juicy all day long!

Atelier Cologne Clementine California is available HERE now for £145.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products.

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