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Psychology graduate, makeup addict and soon to be MSc Student. I have always been a writer from a young age but my love of beauty blossomed at the age of 18 where I spent all of my disposable income, and my overdraft, on clothes and makeup products. Over the last two years I have developed a keen interest in skincare especially face masks and AHAs. I adore all beauty, and still spend a ridiculous amount of time watching YouTube videos and absorbing as many beauty articles as possible. I do want to train as a makeup artist, specifically for Asian Bridal and also want to write for major magazines as well as become a Clinical Psychologist. Initially I started my blog because as a chronic insmoniac I had nothing to do at 5am in the morning, apart from study but who studies in their first year, thus my blog was born. I also felt people of colour were under-represented in the blogging industry and felt I would volunteer as tribute. I love my blog and the fire inside to make it better every day has never been extinguished.

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