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Beauty12 Beauty Subscription Box – A Vegan Beauty Lover’s Dream

11 Sep 2017
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Who else loves beauty subscription boxes? I am a huge fan! As soon as they became available, I started trying them one by one. There are still many I have not tested yet and even more that are only available in the U.S. but the ones I have tried so far have been pretty great!

Who are Beauty12?

The most recent beauty box I had the fun of testing was by Beauty12. Up to now, I had not heard of this brand. Beauty12 was created by two vegan girls who were increasingly fed up of checking ingredients lists when buying their makeup and also felt the subscription box market was lacking when it came to cruelty-free and vegan options. So, they decided to rectify the problem by designing their own subscription box service. The first prototype box was revealed in July this year.

As part of the ethos of the brand, each box is named after someone (human or animal) that is important to the creators. Each box is filled with five full size ethical, vegan beauty products, hand-picked by the creators themselves. There will always be a mix of makeup, skincare, body care and hair care products included. The service applies to the UK and the EU and the subscription is available in 3, 6 and 12-month plans. A box costs £15 plus £2.90 shipping and every box contains items to the value of £35-£50.

What was in my box?

When I received my Beauty12 box I loved the packaging – simple and classic.

Beauty12 Beauty Subscription Box

Inside the box, the items were beautifully packed – the creators have clearly thought about every element of their service starting with the opening experience!

Beauty12 Beauty Box Contents

As promised, there were five full sized products in the box. There was also literature about the brands, which I particularly liked given the creators pick the contents themselves.

Beauty12 Box Contents

I received the following lovely items:

  1. Demes Get The Funk Out Deodorizer
  2. Konjac 6 Wave Bath Sponge
  3. Medusa’s Makeup Cosmic Highlighter
  4. Switch Back 3 in 1 Lip Serum
  5. Maggie Anne Nail Polish

Demes Get The Funk Out Deodorizer

This spray is made with eucalyptus peppermint oils and can be used as a deodorant, hand sanitizer, deodorizer and room spray! I tried using the spray in all four ways but particularly liked it as a deodorant body spray. The essential oils provided a lovely fresh scent and it lasted for hours, both on the skin and in my bedroom!

Konjac Sponge

This sponge is really different to normal sponges! When I opened the packaging, it was rock hard, like a solid loofah, but once I soaked it in water, it became really soft and malleable. It’s made with 100% vegetable fibres and also contains mineral pink clay to aid tired skin. When I used it, it only offered very gentle exfoliation but still felt lovely. I tried it with and without shower gel and with shower gel, the foam lasted much longer than expected, without having to keep adding gel. All in all, it’s a great sponge!

Medusa’s Highlighter

I was really excited when I saw this product! I love highlighters and loose pigment versions are always versatile as they can be used on the face and body and on the eyes! You can see from the picture that its a pink silver shifting colour and reasonably pigmented. I used it in eye makeup looks more than on my body, and tried it with and without fixing spray. Without, it was more subtle and would only be visible when the light caught it; with spray, it became more intense and noticeable. It’s a gorgeous product and no doubt I will be using it all year round!

Switch Back Lip Serum

This was another exciting product! I suffer from dry rough lips on and off all year and it drives me crazy! I am always looking for nourishing lip products to try and combat my problems so when I saw this I immediately hoped it would soothe my lips.

It is made with grape seed oil, frankincense and mandarin and can be used on the lips, eyes and as a perfume! I used it mainly on the lips in the mornings and before bed and within 24 hours I noticed a difference! My lips felt softer, smoother and the effects lasted all day. This is one of the best lip serums I have ever used and only a tiny amount is needed for each application so it will last ages.

Maggie Anne’s Nail Polish

Finally, I tested the nail polish by Maggie Anne. The shade is Jasper, a lovely pale blushed pink, and it’s designed to compliment all skin tones and any outfit. After two coats it provided good coverage and lasted a few days without chipping, which was impressive! I would definitely try other colours from the brand.

Would I subscribe to Beauty12 in the future?

After seeing the quality of the products I would have to say yes! For the price, you receive a lovely collection of items and there is something satisfying about knowing everything is ethical! There is also a shop on the Beauty12 website so you can order anything you really like again and again. If you are a fan of beauty boxes like me and of supporting ethical services, I would highly recommend trying Beauty12. You won’t be disappointed! Subscribe to Beauty12 here.

Dippalli Naik

All Things Beauty

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