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5 Best Makeup Storage Ideas

29 Apr 2016

If you thought the pleasure from makeup was all about its ability to make you look beautiful, think again! For many of us, the whole sensory experience of cosmetics- the soft click of a palette with just the right kind of catch, the smooth glossiness and weight of a Tom Ford palette, the way a row of lipsticks looks when carefully aligned, is just as important too. If that’s you, or if you’re someone who just loves a calm and tidy home, then read on forĀ 5 ways to turn your makeup into an orderly thing of beauty..

    1. Everyday Makeup
      Best Makeup Storage -Acrylic Stand
      Best Makeup Storage- Everyday Makeup

      If your makeup collection isn’t enormous, or you just like to have the things you use most frequently close at hand, then this gorgeous acrylic stand is a great option. The top part can be used separately from the drawers so you can stack them together, or use them side by side. With two larger drawers, two small drawers and spaces for lipsticks, brushes, lotions and potions it’s a great way to get easy access to your every day makeup.


    2. Hair Tools
      Best Makeup Storage
      Best Makeup Storage- Hair Tools

      If like us, you’re forever dropping your dryer, or searching for a heat mat to stop your straighteners from burning the carpet, this nifty little storage solution is the answer. Fix it to the wall next to the mirror where you do your hair and never spend time looking for your hairdryer or straighteners again.


    3. Nail Polish
      Best Makeup Storage
      Best Makeup Storage- Nail Polish

      If you’ve spent any time at a nail bar then you’ve no doubt seen these stands, filled with rows and rows of polishes; a soft, undulating gradient of every colour of the rainbow. Why not organise your own polish in the same way, so that you never forget a colour you own and can find them at a second’s notice?

      Find Them Here

    4. Makeup
      Best Makeup Storage
      Best Makeup Storage – Makeup Boxes

      If your makeup collection will no longer fit on one tiny bathroom shelf, this stylish box might just be the answer to your makeup storage dreams. With slide out, concertina shelves, a bottom section deep enough to hold bottles and a professional, brushed aluminium finish, it’s a beauty junky’s dream.


    5. Brushes
      Best Makeup Storage
      Best Makeup Storage- Brushes

      We love this as a perfect dust free way to store makeup brushes. What’s more, it will look stylish and elegant on your dressing table or bathroom shelf too. With a lid that closes to keep dust, damp and other nasties away from your precious brushes, and a choice of pink or white pearls, we think this is the perfect brush storage option.


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