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Blush & Blow Salon Review

8 Aug 2016

I’ll be the first to admit that I love a good pamper session! It’s not often I get to have some much needed ‘me time’, but when I do, I like to get pampered! I’m one of those people that dreams of daily massages, pedicures & blowdries which means I’m also very picky when it comes to it. So I was thrilled to be asked to try out Blush & Blow, the blow dry and beauty spa, after hearing great reviews about them.  I was really intrigued and excited about visiting – and what’s more perfect than being pampered just before going away on holiday!?   

Blush & Blow Reception
Blush & Blow Reception

Blush & Blow – The Salon

Immediately as I walked in the staff were all smiles even whilst busy blow drying their other clients. One employee stopped what she was doing straight away to see me at the reception desk and welcome me in. I was offered a drink of my choice and of course being a mum of two I opted for the coffee option. To my surprise, it came in a really cute mini caffetiere, with a jug of milk and a personalised Blush & Blow mug. Presentation spot on & quite frankly, for a salon, very impressive! 

I didn’t have much time to down my coffee as I was taken down for my treatment soon after it arrived. I can’t complain at all because I was so excited about having my full body massage and that promised relaxation that I practically jumped up when I was called over! 

I wanted to use the bathroom before having my hour long treatment so I wouldn’t be interrupted by my weak bladder in the middle of my treatment. As I entered the bathroom I was again really impressed. Everything had a vintage look about it and it was colour schemed in black and gold. The toilet itself (the actual toilet!) was even personalised, again with the Blush & Blow logo.  This for some reason made me excited; what a nice touch! I also noticed that the wallpaper in the bathroom was a bee and honey theme which also matched their drinking glasses! They really don’t do any half measures here. 

Blush & Blow salon
Blush & Blow Salon

Blush & Blow Massage

My therapist made me feel really comfortable and calm & allowed me a healthy amount of time to get changed and ready on the massage bed. The massage itself was IN-CRED-I-BLE! I’ve had plenty of massages in my 24 years but I can say this was indeed one of the best! My therapist had the softest hands, similar to that of a newborn baby; I couldn’t stop wondering how I could get mine to feel like that! I was surprised, shocked but in so much awe & of course completely and utterly relaxed. Her technique was admirable, I genuinely want to learn how she did it! 

When my massage was complete she made it clear that there was no rush for me to get dressed, I should relax and take my time.  Boy did I need it after that; I felt half asleep and so relaxed that I’d have fallen over if I’d got up quickly enough. 

Blush & Blow – Blow Dry

Once I had composed myself I went back upstairs to have my second treatment, a blow dry! At this point the salon was quite busy.  There was a group of ladies all having their hair transformed whilst drinking champagne and having a laugh. Again I didn’t have to wait long to be seen. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Basic blow dries I’ve had in the past have just been done on dry hair (or after a cut and style on my already wet hair). A lovely lady took me straight over to their hair sink area which was cosy and really cute looking. She even washed my hair with a silver shampoo like I requested and of course gave me a lovely head massage like all the best salons do!

Usually I feel like staff at places like these either don’t know how to approach conversation or don’t really want to.  The lady I had, however, had no trouble sparking up a connection. She made me feel so welcome and like she was genuinely interested in getting to know me a little. I really liked that! 

I had no idea what I was after in terms of how I wanted it blowdried. Fortunately, my stylist gave me so many options including many that I didn’t even know were possible. I decided to give her creative freedom to do what she thought would look lovely as well as giving my hair some life! 

Blush & Blow – The Final Result!

Blush & Blow Blow Dry - The Completed Look!
Blush & Blow Blow Dry – The Completed Look!

When my blow dry was complete I looked at myself in the mirror and was literally filled with so much joy! (I know it sounds so corny..) I looked so glam, my hair had volume and bounce and it was different to usual.  I actually thought I looked very Marilyn Monroe but maybe thats just me, haha! 

I was actually sad to leave the salon when the time came because I’d thoroughly enjoyed my time there. But I knew as I was walking to the tube station that everyone was admiring my hair.  I felt so confident! Who knew what a good blow dry could do for a girl!?

This is without a doubt somewhere I’ll visit again and a place I’d take friends to have the ultimate girl date experience.

If you’d like to try Blush & Blow yourself find out more about their services here



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2 thoughts on “Blush & Blow Salon Review

  1. Oh my gosh this place sounds so amazing! I loved how they had a high attention to detail – especially on their wallpaper. I haven’t been to a spa before so I have no idea what it’s like but I’d love to go to Blush & Blow for my first time!

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