Charles Farris Three Wick Candle II Sweet Elixir Review

Charles Farris Three Wick Candle II Sweet Elixir Review

18 May 2017

I am completely and utterly obsessed with candles. So much so, that candles are really the only elements of my beauty loot that I find it hard to share! To me they are the ultimate luxury and it doesn’t get better than a three wick! Late last year the very gorgeous Charles Farris Three Wick Candle collection launched and I have been burning II Sweet Elixir and absolutely loving it. Here are the details.


I first discovered Charles Farris when I tried out one of their tin candles – the Garden of Eden scent – at the beginning of the year. I was so impressed by how beautifully and quickly it scented the room, and even more than that, how slowly it burnt. It’s a small candle but incredibly long lasting and incredible value for money. The brand is steeped in history and dates back to 1845. Charles Farris candles are created using the same traditional methods from the Victorian to ensure high quality and a slow burn.

Charles Farris Three Wick Candle


The Charles Farris Three Wick Candle collection is a much more luxurious offering than the gorgeous and more affordable tin candle that I love. It would make an amazing gift for someone special and is particularly great for someone into interiors as it looks stunning. The collection is inspired by the city of London’s rich history and is available in seven different fragrance blends. Each one is hand-crafted in Britain using the highest quality ingredients.


I have II Sweet Elixir which is an incredible blend of heady florals that have been infused with sweet honey. It has also been fused with fruity notes of cherry and citrus. It’s gorgeous. It is warming and comforting and the scent fills the room and last for ages. I love the mix of soft florals with the sweetness of the fruit and honey. It’s a joy.

The Charles Farris Three Wick Candles are £65 each which I think is great value for such brilliant quality and a beautiful addition to your home. Find Charles Farris HERE and HERE.

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