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Clean Reserve Travel Sprays – Fragrance On The Go

24 Aug 2017
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If you missed me fall in love with CLEAN Reserve a few months back, you have some serious catching up to do! CLEAN Reserve pride themselves on approaching fragrances in a completely new way. They want to make beautiful, traditional perfumes, but they want to do it with beautiful raw ingredients. They want to ensure that the whole perfumery process is responsible – all the way from the farmers making the ingredients, to the stunning bottles.

Clean Reserve Travel Sprays
Clean Reserve Travel Sprays

If you know anything about CLEAN Reserve, you’ll know that their packaging is exquisite. In fact, it’s so exquisite, that it’s pretty damn hefty, which makes it really hard to travel with! However, I come to grace you with some really exciting news! They’ve just announced the fabulous CLEAN Reserve Purse Sprays, which give you a hint of their amazing scents, but anywhere you may need it, even on-the-go!

Clean Reserve Travel Sprays
Clean Reserve Travel Sprays

The new CLEAN Reserve Purse Sprays are such perfect replicas of their big sisters. They still have the fabulous squared bottle, which is clear and finished with a lovely simple label. The top of the bottle is still blessed with the wooden lid, which I think is one of the best parts of the full sized, so I’m so glad they’ve carried this through!

Clean Reserve Travel Sprays
Clean Reserve Travel Sprays

The Collection

The CLEAN Reserve Purse Sprays are available in four different scents, which have been chosen thanks to their “hero status”. They are each blessed with natural ingredients and an amazing scent experience. The scents include Blonde Rose, Sueded Oud, Warm Cotton [RESERVE BLEND] and Rain [RESERVE BLEND]. Rain is already my staple scent, so I’m really happy to see that it’s now available in a little 10ml size!

Clean Reserve Travel Sprays
Clean Reserve Travel Sprays

I’ve been lucky enough to try two of these lovely scents, which are Sueded Oud and Warm Cotton. Sueded Oud is a perfect balance of warm and earthy notes. It takes a lovely fresh approach to a traditional oud scent. The Clean Reserve Sueded Oud scent also has notes of Black Amber and White Magnolia. Warm Cotton [RESERVE BLEND] is exactly what you’d expect – a lovely comforting blend of cotton, but it’s been mixed with undertones of lily and amber.

Of course, you can wear any of these scents on their own, but they are perfect for layering too, which just makes something completely unique to you! These lovely Purse Sprays are available now, priced at £20 each here.

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