Clinique iD Personalised Custom Skincare - How To Use It

Clinique iD Personalised Custom Skincare – How To Use It*

12 Jan 2019
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Custom blend skincare is the way forward for 2019 and the brand new Clinique iD skin care range which can be tailored to specific skin care concerns with 15 unique combinations on offer. This is all about choosing your hydrating base, and then selecting your cartridge, then the magic happens when you put them together. Here is everything you need to know.

Clinique iD Personalised Custom Skincare
Clinique iD Personalised Custom Skincare

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So apart from the fact that you can really home in on your specific skincare needs with this system, it’s also fun and looks cool too! Once you have chosen the base Clinique moisturiser best suited to you, you simply slot in the active cartridge concentrate based on your primary skin concern.

Clinique iD Hydrating Bases

You have a choice of three different hydrating bases from the Clinique products range. Depending on your skin type and texture preferences you can choose between the following formulations from the Dramatically Different Clinique skincare family:

Clinique iD Personalised Custom Skincare
Clinique iD Personalised Custom Skincare
  • Hydrating Jelly – new, light and refreshing water-weight texture is suitable for all skin types
  • Moisturizing Lotion+ –  silky moisturiser great for very dry to dry-combination skin types
  • Oil-Free Gel – light, lotion-gel texture good for combination-oily to very oily skins types

Clinique iD Active Cartridge Concentrates

There are five cartridges to pick from and each one contains high levels of pure, concentrated active ingredients that target a specific concern and your skin id:

Clinique iD Personalised Custom Skincare
Clinique iD Personalised Custom Skincare
  • Irritation (green) –  calms, comforts with probiotics and algae
  • Pores & Uneven Texture (blue) – retexturizes, illuminates with AHAs
  • Uneven Skin Tone (white) – evens tone, brightens with Japanese Angelica Root Extract & Liquorice Root Extract
  • Fatigue (orange) –  energises, revives glow with Taurine, Caffeine, & Mimosa Bark Extract
  • Lines & Wrinkles (purple) –  smooths lines, re-plumps with Whey protein & peptides

Clinique iD – How To Use It

It’s a really simple system to use. You choose your base, then you choose the cartridge that addresses your primary concern, and then simply insert your cartridge into the hydration base to create your own custom-blend hydration system.

Clinique iD Personalised Custom Skincare
Clinique iD Personalised Custom Skincare

I absolutely love the packaging because it looks cool and it’s clever. You slot in the cartridge of active serum which is them drawn through the hydrating base to create your custom skincare blend as you pump it out. Genius!

Clinique iD Personalised Custom Skincare
Clinique iD Personalised Custom Skincare

It delivers the precise proportions and every pump contains 90% hydration base with 10% of the active cartridge concentrate, so you’re hydrating and treating at the same time.

Clinique iD Personalised Custom Skincare

My Skin ID Combinations

I love the Jelly for the day under makeup with the Orange cartridge for glow. The lotion with Purple for anti-ageing is great for night. So, you could actually have different variants if you wanted to address a couple of your main concerns and like to mix things up a bit. Also, my partner really likes the Clinique men range but also find the Jelly with green cartridge perfect after shaving.

Clinique iD Personalised Custom Skincare

You can find the complete Clinique iD offering HERE now. It’s really affordable in my opinion. The base and cartridge totals £36 and it’s a big bottle that will last for ages. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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