Darphin Petal Infusion Lip Oil Review - With Real Petals

Darphin Petal Infusion Lip Oil Review

14 Jun 2018
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I literally couldn’t resist the idea of the new Darphin Petal Infusion Lip Oil range. It is the prettiest oil lip gloss infused with flower petals and promises to rejuvenate the lips with a gorgeous glossy finish. I have the three different flavours here to show you. They are absolutely delightful!

Darphin Petal Infusion Lip Oil
Darphin Petal Infusion Lip Oil

Did you ever see a prettier lip gloss? They are so beautiful that it seems wrong to use them… until you use them and they feel so lovely that you know it’s the right thing to do!

Darphin Petal Infusion Lip Oil Features

Darphin Petal Infusion Lip Oil
Darphin Petal Infusion Lip Oil
  • Smoothing Blue Cornflower – blend of citrus (lemon and mandarin) & spicy warmth from nutmeg and cedar wood
  • Rejuvenating Calendula – luscious plump fruits (juicy orange, lime, apple and coconut) with sweet notes of honey
  • Nourishing Rose – delicate rose and fresh geranium enhanced with juicy raspberry and layered with sweet rosewood

They give the lips the juiciest glossy finish without being sticky, and they feel so soothing and refreshing. Just lovely!

Darphin Petal Infusion Lip Oil

You can order the Darphin Petal Infusion Lip Oil range HERE now for £22 each. 

PS, the pouch is by Maison Baluchon who Darphin have partnered with for this launch.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products.

Find the Facebook page here.



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