Deciem Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balm Review

Deciem Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balm Review

10 Jun 2018
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This is really exciting because I heard news of Deciem’s new brand Abnomaly over a year ago and I have been waiting to see product ever since! The first launch is a highly effective lip and skin balm with a rather high tech formulation. Of course, it’s at a very affordable price point as you’d always expect from Deciem. Here’s a look at the Deciem Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balms. Enjoy!

Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balm
Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balm

Petrowhat is a lip and skin ointment that uses what Deciem calls “very complicated plant stuff”. Unlike many balms, this formula is not waxy and does not use a petroleum base. Instead of simply forming an occlusive seal over the skin to help hold in existing water content, Abnomaly Petrowhat protects, hydrates and repairs from the first use.

Abnomaly Petrowhat Features

Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balm
Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balm
  • Lip and skin ointment
  • High concentration of skin-identical Amino Acids
  • Plant-derived Squalane and Baobab Oil base
  • Helps to protect, hydrate and repair dry skin from the first use
  • Petrolatum free
  • Available in four natural flavours HERE

Abnomaly Petrowhat Flavours

Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balm

  • Rio Petrowhat – guava 
  • Bali Petrowhat – pineapple
  • Baobab Petrowhat – plain
  • Milk Petrowhat – coconut milk

I have Baobab and Milk and they both do the same job. Baobab doesn’t really smell of anything at all, and Milk has a soft scent of coconut.

Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balm
Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balm

You can use each balm on the lips or anywhere you have dry skin. The texture is gorgeous and feels instantly soothing and hydrating. It looks like a gel but melts into a light oil-balm that clings to the lips for hours; longer than any other lip product I have tried.

Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balm

The balm is perfect for the lips and leaves them feeling hydrated for hours. It makes them look smooth, juicy and plump. The only downside is that it tastes a little bit bitter at first, but I can honestly deal with that considering how lovely it makes my lips feel and look. It is also excellent to use on the cuticles and on really dry skin like elbows and heels.

Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balm
Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balm

The packaging is super cute and it’s priced really well.

Abnomaly Petrowhat Lip & Skin Balm is available HERE for £7 each.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. Find the Facebook page here.



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