DECREE Weekly Decree Airbrushing Acid & Paste Review
By Ree

DECREE Weekly Decree Airbrushing Acid & Paste Review

22 Oct 2019

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A couple of weeks ago I had a facial at Harvey Nichols with newly launched skincare brand, DECREE, created by Dr A J Sturhham who I had the pleasure of meeting. One of the products used in the facial was the DECREE Weekly Decree which you can buy in a set for use at home. It’s an amazing weekly treatment that delivers instant and lasting results. Here’s what you need to know.

DECREE Weekly Decree Airbrushing Acid & Paste
DECREE Weekly Decree Airbrushing Acid & Paste

DECREE skincare launched over the summer this year and it has been doing really well. I was excited to go to Harvey Nichols to meet Dr A J Sturhham and she talked so passionately about her range that I loved it before I even tried it!

“If you feed your skin with the right nutrients at the right time of day, using quality clinical-grade skin care formulations, with optimized actives and delivery systems, you will help your skin to be at its very best, and keep it there.”

After the facial, my skin was gleaming, and it stayed looking glowy and fresh all week. I was so impressed. Lots of facial give you great looking skin immediately after, but those effects don’t always last into the following days.

One of the key components of the treatment was the DECREE Weekly Decree which is a two part acid peel that literally transforms the skin. I couldn’t wait to try it at home.

What is the DECREE Weekly Decree

This is a once a week exfoliation treatment that will whip your skin into shape without leaving it stripped or over stimulated. It is a two step system.

DECREE Weekly Decree Airbrushing Acid & Paste
DECREE Weekly Decree Airbrushing Acid & Paste

Step One Airbrushing Acid

The Airbrushing Acid is pure and potent, a fine, clarifying gel mask of resurfacing acids plus fruit enzymes which intensely exfoliates.

Step Two Replenishing Paste

The Replenishing Paste is a mask designed to be applied directly after the acid peel to soak the skin in repairing active ingredients. It has been designed to put all the essential lipids and hydration back into the skin post-exfoliation.

The two step system is what makes this product so special. The acid peel element is pretty intense and it’s incredibly effective at dissolving dead skin cells and excess oil.

The Replenishing Paste offers up a true point of difference. This is where many other deep exfoliating products fall down. Intense exfoliation, whilst getting rid of unwanted dead skin cells, can also disrupt the fatty acids and ceramides the skin needs.

The step 2 Replenishing Paste mask puts everything back into the skin that it needs after exfoliation. This ensures that the all important skin barrier is maintained.

My Review

The Airbrushing Acid gives a very pleasant tingle, and you know it is getting to work. The formula is a smooth gel packed full of AHAs and fruit enzymes to slough off dulling skin cells and reveal sheeny shiny skin. This step definitely had an effect on my skin and after leaving it on for five minutes it went pretty red, which I actually loved. The blood was pumping! I think it’s supposed to be on for two minutes but time ran away with me.

The redness was short-lived once I put the step 2 mask on. This instantly takes the heat out of the skin and restores moisture, hydration and lipids. You leave this on for 10 minutes or so then rinse off with a cloth and continue with your serum and moisturiser.

What you get it gorgeously dewy, smooth, sheeny skin that’s plumped up and juicy. I noticed a significant reduction in the appearance of lines and pores and that makes me super happy. The following day my skin looked equally radiant and I’m so impressed with the lasting results, just as I experienced with the professional facial.

I’m absolutely obsessed and want make the DECREE Weekly Decree peel regular part of my regime. If you managed to pick up the recent (and now sold out) Harvey Nichols gift with purchase, there was a sample in there with two pods. Make sure you give it go, you will love it.

Where to buy DECREE Weekly Decree

This brilliant peel is available now for £120 for a box of six duos (along with the rest of the product range) at:

DECREE Weekly Decree Airbrushing Acid & Paste
DECREE Weekly Decree

I also love the Night Tincture and the Peptide Emollient Veil +.

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