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Dentaid Trip to Uganda- Spex & Lipstick

19 Apr 2017

My name is Amii-Rose and you probably know me best as a contributor at ReallyRee. You may or may not also know but by day I am actually a dental nurse. I’ve been a dental nurse for almost four years now and have also always wanted to do some sort of volunteer work in my life.

There are thousands of different charities and it’s impossible to know where to start looking when it comes to overseas volunteering. I am incredibly passionate about oral health and dentistry so when I met the Dentaid team at the Dental Showcase in October 2016, it all just sort of clicked. Why not put my skills and knowledge to use and help adults and kids alike promoting oral health and assisting in emergency pain relief? I have opted to go to Uganda in September (one of the seven countries that Dentaid run volunteer trips for).

Whether you moan about NHS dentistry or private practice prices- some countries get absolutely no help whatsoever. Some people wait YEARS to actually see a dentist because, the areas in which they live either have no dental surgeries or they simply cannot get to somewhere where they can be seen. This results in them in some cases seeing witch doctors to remove teeth resulting in infections for the people that just want relief from the pain and are willing to do anything to relieve it.

What Will I Be Doing In Uganda?

I’ll be travelling with a group of ten others, both nurses and dentists, along with our team leader Gail for two weeks. We’ll be helping provide basic pain relief dentistry, fissure sealant treatments and oral health education. Certain patients may be referred to hospitals for further treatment. These pain relief clinics are held in schools, churches, health centres, orphanages and sometimes prisons. Different locations are visited on each trip to ensure that as many people are seen as possible. Clinics can be set up virtually anywhere due to DentaidBox and DentaidBag which you can read more about below. Oral Health Education lectures are also given at every clinic along with toothpaste and toothbrushes given out too.

The main reason I have chosen to support Dentaid is because unlike some charities- I will be able to see the results instantly from helping somebody in pain. I think this is so important and I will also be taking lots of photos from my trips so you’ll be able to catch up on what I have been up to and see what a difference we have been making.

If only all patients were as happy to see their dentist!

I’ve got a quiz night and raffle coming up soon and I have done bake sales too to help fundraise. If you are able to help me in anyway- please click the button below to donate if you can. This will be a very challenging but rewarding adventure and your support would mean everything to me as well as all the people that I’ll be able to help.


A Bit More About Dentaid

Dentaid started in 1996 and started by refurbishing donated equipment and sending it to charitable dental clinics across the world. But as funding increased Dentaid started oral health education projects, dental engineer training and volunteering trips. In the UK, they also run the Key Stage 2 education resource Bright Bites which includes lesson plans and teacher training packs to educate children on oral health.

The first Dentaid box was sent to Uganda in 2012 and was shortly followed by the Dentaid bag- a special rucksack that can be taken on as carry on luggage but is a portable surgery that can be easily taken to outreach clinics and areas affected by natural disasters- this is where the DentaidBox was born. In 2009 a portable dental surgery complete with chair and with no need for access to water or electric was created. The whole thing fits inside a wheelie bin and means they can be made and sent to various countries with the total cost being £1800. 

Thanks for reading and I hope that you’ll be able to help me put some smiles back on some lovely faces!


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