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Dior Nails Spring 2017 – Full Swatches

15 Jan 2017

I am so in love with the new Dior Spring collection, Colour Gradation, and there are four stunning nail polishes included in it. I have swatches of 340 Maybe, 505 Early, 800 Now and 873 Sudden and I love them all. It’s such a great formula in wonderful shades. Check out Dior Nails Spring 2017.

Dior Nails Spring 2017 - Full Swatches
Dior Spring 2017

It is quite a diverse collection with shades that work well now like the gorgeous teal and the vibrant deep pink to the more Spring-like peach and yellow.

Dior Nails Spring 2017 Shades

  • 340 Maybe – bright peach (here)
  • 505 Early – bright yellow (here)
  • 800 Now – deep teal (here)
  • 873 Sudden – bright pink (here)

I love the selection, even the yellow, although I think that one will suit those with darker skin better than it suits me.

Dior Spring 2017 Nail Swatches

340 Maybe:

Dior Nails Spring 2017 - Maybe Swatch
Dior Nails Spring 2017 – Maybe Swatch

505 Early:

Dior Nails Spring 2017 - Early Swatch
Dior Nails Spring 2017 – Early Swatch

800 Now:

Dior Nails Spring 2017 - Now Swatch
Dior Nails Spring 2017 – Now Swatch

873 Sudden:

Dior Nails Spring 2017 - Sudden Swatch
Dior Nails Spring 2017 – Sudden Swatch

Aren’t they gorgeous? I am currently wearing the teal shade ‘NOW’ which I think is perfect for January, and I’m really looking forward to the peach and the pink. That pink is incredible.

The formulation of these nail polishes is really good. It applied really easily and is perfectly opaque in one coat for the darker shades and two for the lighter ones. It dries fast and has a beautiful shiny finish. The shape and size of the brush makes everything super easy. I can actually achieve a pretty good looking mani with these polishes!

The Dior Nails Spring 2017 collection is available here how. It’s limited edition so I’d advise snapping one up if you like the look of it! They are £19.50 each.

Check my swatches of the full makeup collection here.



Dior Nails Spring 2017 Swatches- Click through for the full article. Swatches include Dior Nails Maybe, Early, Now & Sudden

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