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Top Tips For Dry Winter Lips

30 Oct 2016

Autumn is here, and it has hit the UK with full force. Like many people I love the colder months; being curled up with multiple blankets, Christmassy candles burning and busting out your woolly hats from storage. However, the cold does also bring darker evenings, freezing cold mornings and bigger heating bills, and this all contributes to my biggest winter woe; it wreaks havoc with my already dry lips.

Products for Dry Winter Lips
Products for Dry Winter Lips

If you are like me and are a dry lip sufferer then the cold months can really make it more unbearable. I wanted to share my tips with the Really Ree readers to help you keep your lips feeling hydrated, crack free and looking smooth.

1. Wear a Lip SPF – Even in the winter

Like your face, your lips need protection from the sun too. We beauty addicts are firm believers in wearing SPF, yet more often than not we neglect our lips. This can be resolved easily by either using your current skincare if it contains an SPF, or by using a Lip Balm that has an SPF in it. This will make a dramatic difference to the hydration levels in your lips and get you into the habit for when the summer comes around next year.

2. Your Lips Need Exfoliation Too

Maybe it is because I am a long time dry lip sufferer but this tip has been on my radar for a while. My current favourites are the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish and Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment. I also love my new discoveries, Tarte’s lip facial lip scrub and Kiko Lip Scrub.

Products for Dry Winter Lips
Exfoliate Dry Winter Lips

The Fresh Sugar Lip Polish has a physical exfoliant, and as its name suggests, it’s sugar (yummy!). This buffs away any dry, dead skin and is also jam packed with oils, Shea Butter and vitamin E which help nourish and protect the lips as well as helping with the signs of ageing.

The Lanolips Lemonaid Lip Treatment is very different from the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, as it is similar to a chemical exfoliant (an AHA or BHA for example). This is due to the organic lemon oil which naturally exfoliates the lips whilst the Lanolips infamous Lanolin ingredient gives the lips the hydration they need (NB. Lanolips Lemonaid also looks really lovely just worn alone on the lips as it has a slight shimmer).

Tarte Lip Facial and Kiko Lip Scrub are very similar in their formulation. Like the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish, they contain a physical exfoliant. Tarte is a lot ‘grittier’ than the Kiko scrub, so it’s all about preference and how easily you can get them. Typically I like to use one of these in the morning, before I apply a balm (pre-makeup) ready for Lipstick before I head out the door.

3. Wear A Primer

Products for Dry Winter Lips
Wear A Lip Primer

That’s right – a lip primer. We are so used to wearing them under our foundations or on our eyelids that many of us forget that you can get lip primers too. If you have severely dry lips, fine lines or find that lipstick bleeds then this tip is for you. I really like the Clarin’s Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base, Urban Decay’s Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil and the BECCA Lip Priming Perfector. All of them work in different ways, but they mainly help to even out the surface texture, deliver hydration and plump up those pesky fine lines – providing the perfect base for lipsticks. Urban Decay’s Ozone can also help correct mistakes, so great for on the go!

4. Exercise + Lip Balm = Soft hydrated lips.

Keep Dry Winter Lips At Bay During Exercise
Keep Dry Winter Lips At Bay During Exercise

This is a really quick, but potentially lip changing tip for those of us who exercise on a regular basis. Dehydration and sweat can really contribute to dry and cracked lips. When I work out I always apply a thick balm over my lips. This helps not only with dehydrated lips but also acts as a barrier protecting the lips from sweat which can cause lips to dry out and become cracked and sore. My top picks for thick balms are the Glossier Balm Dotcom, Eucerin Dry Skin Intensive Lip Balm, Bite Agave Lip Mask and By Terry Baume de Rose (something for every budget). And these can of course be used at any time of day as well as on any dry patches and on cuticles too.

5. Night Treatment

Keep Dry Winter Lips At Bay During Exercise
Night Treatments For Dry Winter Lips

A lot of us enjoy a pamper in the evening (I know I get lots of grumbles from my Fiancé regarding my multiple lotions and potions before bed time).  The last step in my routine is to apply a balm ….. a really thick one. I also like to ‘double balm’ – so wear a regular lip balm (a chap stick type for example) and then layer on top a thicker balm. This technique works similarly to when you apply a serum and then your moisturiser – a double hit of moisture. The result, beautifully plump lips in the morning. My usual combo is Dr. Hauschka Lip Care Stick and the Akar Mini Care Lip Butter.

Keep Dry Winter Lips At Bay During Exercise
Akar Mini Care Lip Butter

The Akar Mini Care Lip Butter is really great – unlike most lip care products it doesn’t contain petroleum. Petroleum whilst giving the impression of hydrated and glossy lips is actually doing the opposite. I remember reading when I was younger that repeatedly wearing a petroleum lip balm can stop your lips from producing their own moisture, so now I really like to mix it up, and this Akar Mini Care Lip Butter is a real gem. Its 100% natural and contains some of my favourite ingredients such as Almond oil, Goji Seed oil and Rosemary Leaf Extract – it’s a beauty sleep for your lips!

6. Dry Brushing

Yup – you heard me right. Dry brushing. This is super easy and won’t cost a penny. Before bed either take an old tooth brush or a dry flannel / towel and gently brush/rub over your lips. This is great for any stubborn flakiness that a normal scrub can’t get rid of, or if your lips are super sensitive. Once you’ve have a little brush apply a generous helping of a thick balm and you are good to go.

7. Lip SOS

Dry Winter Lips SOS
Dry Winter Lips SOS

As previously mentioned I have dry lips, this is a combination of Psoriasis and Angular Cheilitis and as a result the corners of my mouth become incredibly sore, cracked and often bleed. It’s not pretty and a bad attack can take up to 4 months to heal (the corners almost appear stained, like I said not pretty). For me there are two things that really help, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick and the Flexitol Lip Balm. Both help soothe and relieve any discomfort – best of all, the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Lip Protectant Stick also has an SPF 15 in it, so it’s a great 2 in 1.

8. The Liquid Lip

Keep Dry Winter Lips At Bay During Exercise
From top to Bottom: Too Face Melted Matte (Child Star), Jouer Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick (Lychee) and Le Métier De Beauté Moisture Matte Lip Crème (First Look)

I couldn’t not mention these…. I have a love/ hate relationship with liquid lipstick – I love that matte finish, but it causes me a lot of cracked lip woes. So I have scoured the internet and tried a fair few out and here are my top recommendations for liquid lipsticks for people with dry lips.

Firstly, I love Too Faced Melted Matte shown here in the colour Child Star. I also really rate Jouer Long-Wear Lip Creme and Le Métier De Beauté Moisture Matte Lip Crème which is shown above in the shade First Look.

So there are my top tips for dry winter lips – if you have any suggestions or if these worked for you, I’d love to know – my Twitter and Instagram are @tazitea


Tazitea x




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4 thoughts on “Top Tips For Dry Winter Lips

  1. Hi x love this post as I suffer with extremely dry sore lips every year! A great tip that I have seen and am definitely going to try is to put cold used tea bags on your lips, it is supposed to be very effective and relieving! Fingers crossed x

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