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Essie Treat Love and Colour Review & Swatches

19 Dec 2016

I am loving all in one colour and care nail products right now because another year of persistent polish wearing has taken its toll on my nails and they are in need of a bit of TLC. So what better than brand new Essie Treat Love and Colour launching in time for your 2017 New Year resolutions. Here’s everything you need to know!

Essie Treat Love and Colour Review
Essie Treat Love and Colour Review

Essie Treat Love and Colour Features

This new collection has pretty much been designed for someone just like me! It’s for those who won’t leave the house without a coat of polish but really want to give their nails a rest too.

  • One step care and colour collection
  • Delivers immediate and long term benefits
  • Caring formula contains collagen, msm, camelia extract
  • Brightening pigments
  • Promises 60% less peeling and 35% less breakage after one week
  • For use without base coat, and no need for top coat
  • Three shades
Essie Treat Love and Colour Review
Essie Treat Love and Colour Review

The fact that this is a treatment and colour manicure in one makes it super quick to use especially because it has been designed to be used completely on its own with no base coat. In fact, we are actively encouraged to skip base coat to allow the nails to fully benefit from the treatment aspect.  Excellent! I never leave home with a naked nail and I am often in a rush, so this is a perfect solution.

Essie Treat Love and Colour Swatches

There are three shades to choose from:

02 Tinted Love

Essie Treat Love and Colour Review
Tinted Love 02

03 Sheers to You

Essie Treat Love and Colour Review
Sheers to You 03

04 Laven-dearly

Essie Treat Love and Colour Review
Laven-dearly 04

I have done two coats of each because I always do two coats of everything! I like the more intensified look but one coat is equally pretty. They are all really beautiful and it’s hard to decide which one I like best – but I think it’s Laven-dearly that’s my favourite. It is so fresh and bright. Love it.

Essie Treat Love and Colour is available to order online for £8.99 each here



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4 thoughts on “Essie Treat Love and Colour Review & Swatches

  1. Where did you get Tinted Love at? My store had Laven-dearly, Sheers to you, and another one called Treat-Me-Bright. But no Tinted Love 🙁 I guess it’s a European/UK exclusive? Because I’m in the US, but I have to try this! Tinted Love is SO pretty!!

    1. My was a PR sample for the UK. I’m afraid I don’t have any US info. Yes it’s really pretty but my favourite is the lavender one I think!

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