Estee Lauder and Deciem - Everything Changes & Nothing Changes!

Estee Lauder and Deciem – Everything Changes & Nothing Changes!

16 Jun 2017

Wow! The huge news is that Estee Lauder and Deciem have struck a financial deal whereby Estee Lauder Companies have made a minority stake investment in the game-changing beauty brand responsible for the likes of The Ordinary, NIOD, Hylamide (and a whole lot more). We are told that it will change everything, yet nothing at all! I am still wow-ing because I totally did not see this one coming!! The question is, what does it mean for the customers and fans of the brand? What is in it for you?

UPDATE – You can read a very personal statement from Brandon Truaxe HERE.

Estee Lauder and Deciem Deal - What's In It For You?
Estee Lauder and Deciem Deal – What’s In It For You?

So what does it mean?

Estee Lauder and Deciem Deal – What’s In It For You?

The top line info is that EL have a minority stake in Deciem and have insisted that the brands remain exactly how they are.  I have had this element confirmed by close members of the management team and, to be fair, this seems like a good strategy to me. Let’s face it, they are absolutely flying just as they are!

Seeing as the whole Deciem plan is about disrupting ‘beauty as we know it’, and that Estee Lauder Companies essentially are what ‘beauty as we know it’ used to be, it really is kind of mind blowing news!

The Founders

You can read a very personal statement from Brandon Truaxe HERE.

I met Brandon and Nicola, the co-CEOs of Deciem, about five years ago and I absolutely love them. They both emailed me when my baby cat died and it’s the little things that make you love people. They are amazing – so passionate, so clever and so real. I have made some true friends since I have been working in this industry, and I consider Brandon and Nicola to be among them.

I have to say, knowing what they are like, and knowing how much they love what they have created, this news make me so happy. This is because it will mean that they will now have the funding, resources, support and infrastructure to do even more amazing things. They can continue to live out their dreams of bringing amazing products to all of us.

They love beauty and they love creating truly effective, value for money, cutting edge products that everyone can have access to, and this deal between Estee Lauder and Deciem will allow them to do that even better and even faster.

The idea is that it won’t change anything except allow the brands to grow quicker, which for me is very exciting indeed! Having spent time with Brandon and Nicola, I have faith that they wouldn’t do anything to harm the precious jewels they have created.

Case in Point

Estee Lauder and Deciem Deal - What's In It For You?
Estee Lauder and Deciem Deal – The Ordinary Colours Foundation

I think a key factor to consider with this Estee Lauder and Deciem partnership is the huge demand for The Ordinary Colours foundation. Deciem has struggled to fulfill the orders because there were SO many.

Everyone and their wife wants a piece of The Ordinary Colours. The company’s current infrastructure has meant that it is virtually impossible to make the stuff fast enough. With help from ELC, I’m thinking they will be able to strengthen their infrastructure, increase their resources and fulfill orders faster. It could certainly mean that all those people still waiting for The Ordinary Colour Coverage Foundation might get their wish a whole lot sooner! I think that will make a lot of people very happy!

Of course it will also mean that they can drive innovation even harder – that’s the exciting part for me.

There will be more comment from Brandon and Nicola over the next few days on the Estee Lauder and Deciem deal. For now, these are my thoughts. I’ll keep you updated with anything else of interest that pops up. Stay tuned!!

Find all the Deciem brands HERE and stay tuned for news HERE.

UPDATE- You can read a very personal statement from Brandon Truaxe HERE.



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