Flat Lay Co Makeup Bag - No More Rummaging For Products
By Ree

Flat Lay Co Makeup Bag Review – No More Rummaging!

3 Oct 2017

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Oh my goodness. If there is anything I hate about my makeup bag situations it’s the fact that the thing I want is always right at the bottom or hiding in a corner. Sometimes I rummage so much that I start to worry that my special [insert makeup item here] is lost forever and I can feel myself breaking out in a cold sweat! I throw everything everywhere and only then, when I have made a huge mess, do I find the ‘thing’! Well the Flat Lay Co Makeup Bag has been designed so we can say goodbye to the panic days! It’s so apt for my situtaion that it leaves me wondering, how did no one think of this before?!

Flat Lay Co Makeup Bag
Flat Lay Co Makeup Bag

So! If you like to throw everything in, but hate having to tip everything out, then I think you are going like this a lot!!

Flat Lay Co Makeup Bag – How It Works

Basically, the Flat Lay Co Makeup Bag is a draw string cosmetics case that opens out completely flat to become a mat to display all your makeup on. It’s like throwing everything out on the desk (or bed if you’re travelling), but nothing ever actually leaves your makeup bag. When it’s time to pack up, you simply pull the drawstring tight and everything is back where it should be.

Flat Lay Co Makeup Bag
Flat Lay Co Makeup Bag

It’s perfect for makeup on the go as the mat protects your precious beauty bits from any dirt or water so you can pretty much lay it down anywhere. And if you have ever tried to do your makeup on the train, yet your stuff keeps rolling off the table, then those days are over.

There are two sizes of the Flat Lay Co Makeup Bag. You can use the Essential Bag for your every day touch up products and the Everything Bag will be great for holidays and travel. You’ll be packed up and ready in a flash.

Flat Lay Co Makeup Bag
Flat Lay Co Makeup Bag

Each bag has a zipped compartment for small items and elastics to hold your brushes. There are also two other pockets that are sealed with velcro on the outside of the bags. The clever thing about those is that you can actually use the velcro to clasp the bag together. This gives it more shape.

Both bags come in black right now, and I am hoping they have more colours planned for the future. The small bag is £14.99 and the large one is £19.99. Find the Flat Lay Co Makeup Bag HERE.

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