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Glo Pamper Parties – A Perfect Mother’s Day Treat!

21 Mar 2017

We all need that little bit of time out in our lives but it’s not always feasible to get to a spa or salon. Fortunately with Glo Pamper parties they come to you at a time and location that suits you. Founded in 2006 they’ve been visiting offices and homes providing a range of services from their team of mobile therapists for over ten years. Awarded 9/10 on Trustpilot their reputation is second to none.

Glo Pamper Parties
Glo Pamper Parties

At a girls’ get together I was able to offer my friends a well deserved early Mother’s Day treat as we sampled the Heavenly Treats package. They have a range of packages available which are ideal for girls’ nights in, hen dos, baby showers, office treats and even children’s parties. Some of the packages they offer for adults include:

  • Bliss – 30 minutes each with a minimum of 6 people £28.50 per person
  • Heavenly Treats – 45 minutes each, minimum of 4 people £43.00 PP
  • The Ultimate Pamper – 60 minutes each, minimum 3 people £57.00 PP
  • Glo Glam Make Up – 30 minutes each, minimum 6 people £35.00 PP
  • Glo Express – 15 minutes each, minimum 12 people £14.50 PP
  • Beauty and the Buff Butler – 30 minutes each, minimum 10 people £45.00 PP
  • Pamper and Doodle – 30 minutes each, minimum 10 people £58.50 PP
  • Mother and Daughter Pamper and Present – 60 minutes each, minimum 2 people £65.00 PP
  • Mum, Me and a Pamper Par-Tea – 60 minutes each, minimum 2 people £87.50 PP
  • Butler Only – £130 for 2 hours, no minimum numbers.
Glo Pamper Parties
Glo Pamper Parties – Manicure

There are also a number of children’s parties available to book. All parties are booked online and a friendly Glo team member is in touch with you all the way up to the day of booking when you hear from your therapist to confirm all details. I cannot fault the customer service in any way whatsoever, they easily adapted to one of my friends being pregnant and a very last minute guest change, none of which was any issue whatsoever.

On to the party itself. Our therapist Dee arrived 30 minutes before we were due to start, they very handily email a timetable to you prior to the event so every guest knows roughly what time they’re being pampered.

Glo Pamper Parties
Glo Pamper Parties Therapist- Dee

Chrissie went first and she had a full body massage. Having run a half marathon the week before she had a niggling injury which Dee spotted during the massage and worked very thoroughly on, Chrissie immediately felt the pain disappear. She came into the kitchen (the treatments were taking place in the living room to allow a tranquil calm environment) and commented on how it was the best massage she’d ever had. She also remarked several times during the evening that she couldn’t believe the difference Dee made to her injury.

Jemma was up next for a full body massage as well. Jemma is currently 14 weeks pregnant and Glo accommodated this by ensuring we had a therapist trained in second trimester pregnancy massage (Jemma did check with her GP prior to treatment as requested). 45 minutes later she came in feeling very relaxed and also commented on how it was the best massage she’d ever had; my best friend is very fussy and if she doesn’t like something you will know!

Glo Pamper Parties
Glo Pamper Parties Massage

My facial was next, I was asked by Dee to remove my top as she provided a neck and shoulder massage whilst the mask stage of the facial was taking effect. I have exceptionally tight shoulders and hold all my tension there. No masseuse has ever managed to get me to relax enough as massage is too painful- well, Dee really is a magician, I think I was so relaxed I fell asleep- sorry if I snored Dee! My skin was treated to an exceptionally gentle but thorough facial too,  I even had compliments at the gym the next morning when I was hot and sweaty to say my skin looked amazing. I also had an express pedicure which I wouldn’t normally choose as I have very ticklish feet but Dee was aware of this and was very gentle and kept contact with my feet to a minimum which I really appreciated.

Glo Pamper Parties
Glo Pamper Parties – Pedicure

Michelle was a last minute substitution as our other friend was unfortunately unwell. Michelle had an Indian head massage as she injured her back in a car accident last year. She looked very euphoric when she emerged and feels that having this treatment regularly could be very beneficial. She also had an express manicure and was very impressed.

All of us found the night very enjoyable and for Jemma whose toddler was asleep upstairs it was very convenient to be pampered in her own home. The party finished on the scheduled time and Dee was very thorough in cleaning up and even placed the furniture back which had been moved to make way for the massage table.

Would I recommend Glo? Absolutely! The customer service at all levels was faultless and the evening went so smoothly because of Dee’s professionalism but she was also exceptionally friendly and put everyone easily at ease.

If you have an upcoming party you’d like to be pampered at, or you think your mum would love to be pampered at home with her friends, you can find all the details online here. Glo Pamper work throughout the UK.


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