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Grace Cole Home Fragrance Candle Review

7 Sep 2017

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I love candles, there’s something very comforting about seeing the flames flickering, and being cocooned by the scents as they fill the room. But it must be a good candle. I have been disappointed before by high-end candles that sound great but are disappointing and offer little to no fragrance. I haven’t come across Grace Cole before so had no preconceptions going in to this review.

Founded by Tracy Mort MBE in 2007, Grace Cole are proud of being a UK brand. Their aim is to produce premium quality bath and body products, but at an affordable price. Working with home-grown suppliers they are aiming to widen their global reach, and bring more of the manufacturing back to the British Isles.

Grace Cole Candle Packaging
Grace Cole Candle Packaging

The home fragrance range consists of candles and diffusers in a variety of complementary fragrances:

  • Ginger Lily and Mandarin
  • Grapefruit, Lime and Mint
  • Nectarine Blossom and Grapefruit
  • Orchid, Amber and Incense
  • Vanilla Blush and Peony
  • White Nectarine and Pear
  • Wild Fig and Pink Cedar
  • Warm Vanilla and Sandalwood

Each fragrance is available as a candle and diffuser so you can layer your fragrances, this is the best way of ensuring longevity of the scent.

Grace Cole Candle
Grace Cole Candle

I was sent the Vanilla Blush and Peony candle to try. First thing to mention is the packaging. This candle retails for a similar price to some of the most well-known candle ranges, these only come as they are. The Grace Cole candles come in a beautiful cardboard casing, this feels sturdy and you know the candle is well supported. It also has a matching ribbon loop at the top, a lovely little touch. The candle itself comes in a heavyweight glass container, with a gold embossed lid and the Grace Cole branding on the glass. I’m a sucker for luxury packaging and this has that feel.

The fragrance when you open the lid is subtle, not synthetic, and this continues as you burn the candle. As with all candles I trimmed the wick before I lit it, this allows for a nice even burn and reduces the risk of tunnelling. The candle burnt nice and evenly, I could smell the fragrance in the next room to where I was burning it, and the candle offers 35 hours of burn time which is good.

Grace Cole Candle
Grace Cole Candle Top

Overall I was impressed with this candle. I would like to try a diffuser next, and some other fragrances too.  Although this was a nice combination, it wouldn’t have been my first choice. I prefer fresher scents such as the Grapefruit, Lime and Mint. I would suggest you check these out if you are a candle addict. They are a great addition to your collection and look stylish to boot. Find Grace Cole candles here



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