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Jo Hansford Volumising Range

16 Feb 2017

Nestled in the heart of Mayfair lives the Jo Hansford salon. Jo is considered the leading authority on hair colour, so much so that she was awarded an MBE in 2010. Celebrities flock to the salon for her ability to colour hair whilst also maintaining and improving the condition of the hair.

With such a reputation it was only natural she would have her own range of products designed to not only preserve colour but also to address different hair needs.

My hair is fine but I have a lot of it, thank God or I’d look bald! I wasn’t allowed to cut my hair until I was 16, in response to being forced to have short hair when a child my mother forced us to have long hair. So at the age of 16 I promptly went and had 42 inches of hair cut off. All of that hair and subsequent weight took its toll and even now almost 20 years later it’s never quite recovered. So any product marketed at adding volume has certainly met its match on my hair.

Jo Hansford Volumising Range

The Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care Volumising range is described as;

Formulated for finer hair and to give your locks more body, the Jo Hansford EXPERT COLOUR CARE VOLUMISING SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER contain Creatine and Conditioning Panthenol to significantly improve hair structure. These ingredients encourage growth, whilst moisturising the hair follicle to add long lasting volume. “

Jo Hansford Volumising Range- Shampoo

I don’t normally get along well with sulphate free shampoos as I find my fine hair gets greasy much quicker than normal so I was a little apprehensive. I first tried the range after going to the gym so I gave them a pretty tough challenge for a first impression. The first thing that you notice is the citrus/ zingy scent. It’s very natural smelling and not at all synthetic. Grapefruit seemed to be the dominant scent.

Jo Hansford Volumising Range -Shampoo
Jo Hansford Volumising Range -Shampoo

You only need a very small amount of shampoo and I mean a small amount. The shampoo lathered really easily which again surprised me for a sulphate free product. It rinsed out very quickly and easily and my hair and scalp were left feeling very clean indeed. Find it here

Jo Hansford Volumising Range-  Conditioner

Jo Hansford Volumising Range
Jo Hansford Volumising Range- Conditioner

I followed with the conditioner which has the same naturally uplifting scent. I needed half the amount of conditioner I would normally use. I left the conditioner whilst I washed my face and then rinsed out. Again this proved to be really quick and my hair felt like silk afterwards. Find it here

Jo Hansford Volumising Range- Voluminous Spray

The final step is the Volumising Spray. 4-5 sprays are applied to damp hair and combed through. I like to let my hair dry naturally and it was almost dry by the time I went to sleep about 1-2hrs later; one advantage of fine hair is it dries quickly.

Upon waking my hair felt like silk and I could clearly see some difference in the volume even after brushing out my bed hair.

Another great thing about this spray is that it’s a multi-tasker. It also provides heat protection and helps hold curls and set styles in your hair. Find it here

Jo Hansford Volumising Range - Volumising Spray
Jo Hansford Volumising Range – Voluminous Spray

I was really impressed with the whole Jo Hansford Volumising Range and I actually managed to go 4 days until I next needed to wash my hair which for me is amazing. I would recommend this to anyone whose hair sounds similar to mine. Find the whole range here


Brighton Belle


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