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Kind Natured Shea And Macadamia Creamy Body Scrub

17 Feb 2017

When winter strikes, my legs often start to resemble the scaly limbs of a velociraptor. Patterned like a white moccasin they are infuriatingly dry. So, the quest for moisturising them back to health is constant.

Kind Natured Shea And Macadamia
Kind Natured Shea And Macadamia Scrub

So the arrival of a new moisturiser from Kind Natured is pertinent and useful. I’d clocked a few PR bits and bobs in magazines mentioning a couple of delicious sounding concoctions from Kind Natured along the lines of shea and macadamia, and coconut and monoi. In fact my nostrils are flaring at the very thought of the delicious smell of the latter which (like the shea range) includes a body lotion, body scrub and a hand cream.

Kind Natured Shea And Macadamia
Kind Natured Shea And Macadamia Texture

Happily I have the Kind Natured shea and macadamia nut oil variant for testing in the form of a thick scrub designed for mega dry skin (£4.99). It might seem a little strange to exfoliate dry skin in case of aggravating it. However it really is the first step to clearing your skin of dead cells and upping its capability to soak up that moisture.

Plus, this scrub is deliciously gentle. It smooths on like a thick yoghurt packed with pumice and crushed olive seeds for a bit of grip (no microbeads here). It’s not going to be the scrub you use before a fake tan to really slough and sandpaper yourself, but it’s just what dry winter shins need to soothe them back to health since it’s very gentle and completely scratch free.

Moreover it’s perfect for sensitive souls like me (mild linolool allergy for those who monitor these things) since it’s vegan-friendly and free of any sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals.

I’m dying to try the coconut and monoi flavour which sounds like a dream, but the sweet macadamia smell really comes through in this variant which is recommended for very dry skin. I don’t even need (*cough* bother) to moisturise after use. I may have to go on holiday in order to have somewhere to wave my legs around. Or maybe I’ll just wait for spring and crawl back under the duvet.

Kind Natured’s new range is £4.99 – £5.99. Find it here

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2 thoughts on “Kind Natured Shea And Macadamia Creamy Body Scrub

  1. I bought a tube in a one of a kind store. I can not find it agsin. Is this product available in the USA it is amazing

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