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Kure Bazaar Nile Nail Polish for Fortnum & Mason

23 Aug 2015

Fortnum & Mason is a world famous iconic store and the Fortnum & Mason green is as iconic as the name. If you didn’t know (I didn’t) the shade is called ‘Eau de Nil’ and for the first time it has been translated into a nail polish shade. It is absolutely gorgeous. I love a green nail polish and this one is spot on! Here’s the Kure Bazaar Nile Nail Polish for Fortnum & Mason.

Kure Bazaar Nile Nail Polish for Fortnum & Mason

I have featured Kure Bazaar before and I think the quality is incredible. The formulation is one of the most natural available in today’s market.

Kure Bazaar Nile Nail Polish for Fortnum & Mason

It’s ingredients are 85% natural and include constituents of potatoes, cotton, wood pulp, wheat and corn. It sounds soft and gentle which is great, but there’s nothing wishy washy about performance. It’s great to apply, dries super fast and you get perfect coverage from 2 coats. Finally it’s really long lasting.

Kure Bazaar Nile Nail Polish for Fortnum & Mason

Kure Bazaar Nile Swatch

Kure Bazaar Nile Nail Polish Swatch

And this shade!! It is completely gorgeous. You can carry a bit of Fortnum & Mason Eau de Nil on your fingertips!

Find Kure Bazaar Nile here. It is £15.



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