MAC Fleur De Force Lipstick #MACxFleurDeForce

MAC Fleur De Force Lipstick #MACxFleurDeForce

28 Aug 2018

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This was a very exciting moment indeed! Imagine creating your own lipstick with MAC Cosmetics? Well that’s exactly what super vlogger and blogger Fleur De Force is did. Here’s the MAC Fleur De Force Lipstick.


So you can no longer get Fleur’s lipstick because it was a 2017 limited edition, however, you must check out this year’s UK MAC Maker, Jamie Genevieve, as she has done a gorgeous nude too.

MAC Fleur De Force Lipstick #MACxFleurDeForce
MAC Fleur De Force Lipstick #MACxFleurDeForce

So this was part of a big project that MAC has taken on and it is pretty amazing! MAC Cosmetics launched lipsticks with ten internet beauty influencers and the wonderful Fleur de Force created her very own one for the UK.

MAC Fleur De Force Lipstick #MACxFleurDeForce
MAC Fleur De Force Lipstick #MACxFleurDeForce

Fleur visited the MAC labs in Toronto to formulate her lipstick and it was a beautiful nude.

MAC Fleur De Force Lipstick #MACxFleurDeForce
MAC Fleur De Force Lipstick #MACxFleurDeForce

The MAC Fleur De Force Lipstick was UK exclusive and it launched in April 2017.

Glamour editor Alex Steinherr also created a shade. In the US, MAC Cosmetics has partnered with LarLarLee and Gabriel Zamora. For Canada it is Samantha Ravndahl, for Brazil it’s the fabulous Vic Ceridono (who I also love by the way), the The Real Fouz from the Middle East, Enjoy Phoenix from France,  Caro Daur from Germany and Nikkia Joy, Australia.

Check out the 2018 MAC Makers lipsticks from Jamie Genevieve and Patricia Bright HERE.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. Find the Facebook page here.



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One thought on “MAC Fleur De Force Lipstick #MACxFleurDeForce

  1. Ahhh, I wish these lipsticks weren’t country specific — after all, bloggers mix from countries all over! I also want the Fleur de Force one the most, dang it! Hmm, I wonder if a lot of lipstick swaps are going to be happening come April…

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