MARSTE Derm Facial with Marie Reynolds - Really Ree

MARSTE Derm Facial with Marie Reynolds

28 Oct 2014

I have been having regular treatments with Marie Reynolds since the summer and my skin is really loving me for it! I am still having a course of the amazing MARSTE Lift facials but last time I visited Marie she had a surprise for me! A brand new anti-ageing facial called the MARSTE Derm to try!! And it gave me the glowiest, smoothest skin!

MARSTE Derm Facial Review – After Photo (5 Days After Treatment)

The above photo was taken a few days after the treatment and I needed hardly any makeup at all. So pleased with this!

MARSTE Derm – The Treatment

MARSTE Derm Facial Review – Meso Vytal

The MARSTE Derm is a revolutionary new treatment  that uses Meso Vytal – a digital skin needling tool, plus Marie’s very special and very secret ingedients that include plant stem cells, peptides, Hyaluronic acids and phytolightening agents. The digital machine has 18 disposable plastic needles that resonate 120x per second. So there is no risk of tearing or scratching the skin and it can also be used to focus on areas of concern. Exciting!!

MARSTE Derm Facial Review – Meso Vytal

What got me really excited was that it can be used on the eye area which is my biggest area of concern. It cans also be used to plump up the lips! I’m big on that idea!!

The MARSTE Derm treatment implants the highly potent active ingredients into the junction between the epidermis and dermis. This has the cascade effect of boosting the collagen matrix and regenerating skin cells. Lots of skin treatments just sit on the surface but this technique ensures as close as possible to 100% of the ingredients are delivered right to where they are needed.

Marie says it is an ideal treatment to deminish fine lines and wrinkles and can be performed weekly. She recommends a course  and advises to six to eight treatments with monthly maintenance and home care for the optimum results.

MARSTE Derm – Before and After Photos

MARSTE Derm Facial Review – Before & After at time of treatment (Eyes)
MARSTE Derm Facial Review – Before & After at time of treatment (Lips)

I found it a really comfortable treatment. The Meso Vytal that the MARSTE Derm employs has a uniquely designed cartridge that follows the contours of the face as it pushes the cocktail of anti-ageing ingredients into the skin. It creates the gentle trauma required to kick start the cell rejuvenation process without causing excessive, or lasting, redness, and delivering instant skin perfecting results.

I am already obsessed with this treatment but then I knew I would be. Marie is magic.

For more information on the MARSTE Derm and other treatments from Marie Reynolds, click HERE.



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