Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation Review - Before & After

Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation Review – Before & After

20 Jul 2018
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Here’s the low down on Max Factor’s latest foundation launch, the Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation. This promises all day wear and lasting radiance; check out my before and after photos here.

Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation
Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation

So the main idea behind this foundation is not having to compromise between radiance and long wear coverage.

Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation Features

Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation
Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation
  • Luxurious formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid complex
  • Formulated to help hydrate the skin
  • Delivers long-lasting coverage
  • Uses an infusion of skin-smoothing micro-pearls to reduce the appearance of fine lines and reflect light
  • SPF 30 helps prevent signs of ageing and damage from UVB rays
  • Available in 18 shades HERE
Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation
Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation

Before & After

The shade of Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation I was matched to 47 Nude:

Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation
Nude 47

As you can see, it’s a nice creamy formula. The other shades are:

  • Porcelain (30)
  • Crystal Beige (33)
  • Pearl Beige (35)
  • Light Ivory (40)
  • Warm Almond (45)
  • Nude (47)
  • Natural (50)
  • Golden Natural (55)
  • Sand (60)
  • Rose Beige (65)
  • Golden Honey (75)
  • Golden Tan (77)
  • Deep Bronze (80)
  • Warm Caramel (85)
  • Amber (90)
  • Tawny (95)
  • Soft Sable (100)

So you can see what it looks like on the skin, I have done some before and after photos:

Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation
Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation

It is really easy to apply and blend and you can adjust the coverage to suit your preferences. A light layer gives a really natural, perfected look, yet it is buildable and you can almost use it like a concealer to really increase the coverage where you need it.

What I like about it is that it sets itself, so I don’t find the need for powder and everything feels very light. I tested it for a whole day and it lasted on the skin really well without any touching up, so it certainly delivers on the longwear front.

The finish is like a luminous matte – there’s no shine as such, but it isn’t flat at all. Lovely!

Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation is £14.99 available HERE.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. Find the Facebook page here.



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7 thoughts on “Max Factor Radiant Lift Foundation Review – Before & After

  1. Hi Ree,

    Would you describe the coverage as medium or full ? Looking forward to try this foundation!
    Have a nice weekend and a big hug from Holland!


    1. I think it’s full coverage but it doesn’t have to be if you use very light layers. Super buidable – I really like the coverage xx

  2. That’s beautiful on you. I wish Max Factor was available in Canada. I can get off of Feel Unique site tho.

  3. I must have done something wrong. Max Factor Radiance Lift is the worst Max Factor foundation I have ever used. I thought with the word “Radiance” I the title it would live up to the word – no definitely not it looked “caked” on and no I didn’t pile it on I just used two pumps and used a brush to put it on. Needless to say I am very disappointed with it and it has gone straight into the bin. That’s £14.99 I will never get back.

  4. Can u please tell me have u tried max factor face finity and if u did are the shades similar cause i use face finity nude 47 but im so messed up with radiant lift shades….any help is more then welcome

    1. I am not really sure because when I used Facefinity, I used to tan my face so I was 55. I am so much paler now so 47 works. So sorry if this isn’t helpful! xxx

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