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Miss Patisserie Bath & Body Care Review

13 Sep 2017
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I think people often underestimate the power of a good bath. Apart from the obvious, keeping you clean, I believe it helps our wellbeing, helps us to relax, and gives us time completely on our own within a world which becomes busier by the day. I personally have two baths a day, sometimes more. One thing that makes baths extra special is all the amazing products you can now get to either make your bath smell nice, treat your skin or simply make it look a pretty colour. This year, bath and body brand Miss Patisserie had a makeover, and by goodness it’s a good one! They’ve added lots more products and updated some of their previous ones. Here are my top picks…

Miss Patisserie Bath Balls

Starting with the fun that is bath bombs, known here as Bath Balls. Here I have two from the collection, Happy and Clearing, both £3.90 each. For those who aren’t familiar with a bath bomb, you simply drop it into your bath before you get in. They fill the bath with a gorgeous aroma and turn the water a pretty colour. Happy has been created using mango and papaya along with Sweet Orange Oil to give a really cheerful scent as an instant mood lifter as well as an immune booster. It smells divine and the use of essential oils makes it great for the skin too.

The other Bath Ball I got to try out was Clearing, which contains stimulating Peppermint and Spearmint. This is known to aid stress relief, nausea and headaches. These oils contain menthol which then creates a cooling sensation on the skin to really refresh and invigorate the senses. Great for dull heads. This Bath Ball also contains Epsom Salts which are renowned for helping to relieve aching muscles, and the soothing blue colour this Ball turns your bath water makes for one heck of a relaxing bath.

Miss Patisserie Bath Crumble

Prior to getting the chance to try out some Miss Patisserie products for Really Ree, I bought myself a bag of The Original Bath Crumble (£6.50). I’ve been obsessed with it ever since! It’s a similar texture to Bath Balls, however broken down into smaller pieces. The bag holds plenty of Crumble so lasted me lots of baths, making this fabulous value for money. Bath Crumble has been created using natural, vegan,

Bath Crumble has been created using natural, vegan, cruelty free ingredients and softens the bath water using essential oils which also soften your skin. The colours inside include blue, pink, purple, yellow and more, and you never know what rainbow of a bath it’s going to create. The colours are so, so pretty! Find it here

Miss Patisserie Peony & Pear Bath Slab

Another very pretty coloured product is the Peony + Pear Bath Slab (£5). I think this would make such a lovely gift for someone if they’re on a diet instead of a chocolate bar, or for someone who simply needs cheering up. That festive time of year will be upon us before we know it. This is the perfect Stocking Filler or Secret Santa price point. This fabulously coloured bar contains Peony, Pear and Musk scents and oils to provide your bath with the most delicious of fragrances, whilst making it look pretty and keep your skin well nourished. Find it here

Miss Patisserie Vanilla Cupcake Bath Melt

Another cute gift idea would be the Vanilla Cupcake Bath Melt (£4.50). It looks just like a little cupcake, complete with a flower decorating the top of it and is packaged beautifully in a gift box. I found this to be the most moisturising for my skin. It has nourishing cocoa and shea butters to moisturise deep into the skin, providing your body with vital antioxidants and minerals. I adore coconut scented anything. This has that kind of fragrance mixed with a creamy, sweet vanilla making it smell good enough to eat! Find it here

Miss Patisserie Gin Shower Steamer In Concentrate

The next product is a genius idea, as so many people only have showers rather than baths but why should they have to miss out on gorgeous products such as these? Welcome, the Gin Shower Steamer in Concentrate £3.70. Packed with essential oils these therapeutic shower steamers are perfect for creating an extra special shower experience. Concentrate contains Juniper Berry which is known to help fight fatigue, depression and dizziness as well as helping to improve concentration. If you know a loved one or friend is feeling a little down at the moment, this would be such a lovely and thoughtful little gift to help lift their mood. Find it here

Miss Patisserie Watermelon Sugar Scrub

Body scrubs are usable all year round, whether it’s to rid our skin of dry winter skin, remove fake tan or to prepare the skin for sun exposure. What better way to do so than with this heavenly scented Watermelon Sugar Scrub (£13)? This fragrance is my absolute favourite. It reminds me of some Watermelon sweets I always buy in America purely for the scent! Every time I open the glass jar it makes me want to try a bit! These Sugar Scrubs are both nourishing and moisturising as they are full of anti-inflammatory Jojoba Oil and restoring Sweet Almond Oil as well as renewing Vitamin E. So much goodness! Find it here

Miss Patisserie Coconut Body Soufflé

Back to my other favourite scent, Coconut with the Coconut Body Soufflé (£7). This sweet jar contains the most creamy body moisturiser, which has been created using rice bran oil.  Rice bran oil is rich in Vitamin E and Fat Acids. It’s also able to sink deep into the dermis, treating it and leaving the skin feeling so velvety soft! I’ve had quite a lot of operations and therefore have rather a lot of scars. As this contains Sweet Almond Oil, this Soufflé also helps to heal those scars. It’s also good for stretch marks, which would also be great for any Mummies or Mummies-to-Be out there. Find it here

These delightful products and more can be found online at Miss Patisserie and Boots.

Kathryn x

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