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Monotheme Mimosa Fragrance Review

20 Sep 2017
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There’s always something nice about a fresh fragrance in the summer months. I’m a seasonal perfume wearer. I have my warmer and cooler month fragrances and I’m always on the lookout for new fragrances to add to my collection. One place I’ve not looked at before when it comes to fragrances is the Marks and Spencer beauty hall.

Monotheme Mimosa Packaging
Monotheme Mimosa Box

This fragrance was created by master parfumier Lorenzo Vidal in Venice. It is available exclusively at Marks and Spencer.

Monotheme Mimosa is described as The Playfully, Fresh and Sensual Scent.  Mimosa is known traditionally as a symbol of femininity and renewal, evoking thoughts of spring and summer freshness.

Monotheme Mimosa Notes

The notes are described as follows:

“The head note, made of a fuzzy accord of nectarine and bergamot, infuses a freshness, which is further sweetened by the delicate and refined violet leaves.

Bursting through in the heart note, is the all- embracing luminosity, typical of the flowering mimosa.

The base note combines woody aromas such as sandalwood and cedar, together with musk, to generate a touch of elegance with a persistence that is the true signature of this unique composition, emphasising the beauty of the flower. “

Monotheme Mimosa Packaging 

Monotheme Mimosa Packaging
Monotheme Mimosa Bottle

Such a beautiful description of this scent. The beauty carries through to the packaging too. It has a very classic, vintage feel to it and would look great on your dressing table, either in or out of the box. The bottle itself is very classic, my favourite part is definitely the lid. You can tell a lot of thought has gone into the aesthetics of this perfume to make it feel like a classic piece.

Monotheme Mimosa Fragrance & Longevity

I’m not the greatest fan of floral scents but was very surprised by this one. Although you get the floral mimosa coming through when you first spray it, once it settles down it is a lovely fragrance. When I smelt my clothing later that day before putting it in the wash it had a nice, still detectable scent. This is something which shows the quality of the scent. No need for top ups during the day due to fragrance fade.

Monotheme Mimosa Lid
Monotheme Mimosa Lid

This perfume retails at £22 for 100mls. I would definitely say to check out Marks and Spencer for this and other fragrances. It’s somewhere I wouldn’t have looked before but if you’re getting that kind of quality scent at that price, it’s a no brainer that I’ll be going back to check out others! Find it here



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