No7 Match Made Skin Tone Analysis App

No7 Match Made Skin Tone Analysis App

30 Aug 2016

This is huge news for online beauty shopping! You can buy pretty much anything you like but one thing that’s been tricky is foundation and making sure you order the right shade. Well not any more! Introducing the brand new No7 Match Made skin tone analysis App. Now you can be your very own expert!

No7 Match Made Skin Tone Analysis App
No7 Match Made Skin Tone Analysis App

I am a big fan of No7 foundations and have reviewed a number of them over the years. I had my skin matched when they first launched the Match Made service in store. That was brilliant at the time but skin tone changes and it’s often the case that we need to be re-matched several times throughout the year.

Boots’ research indicates that many women don’t feel confident finding the right foundation match. In fact 78% of those asked said that they would change their current foundation if they could find a better colour match.

Getting the right shade is make or break when it comes to foundations.

I have tried some of my most loved foundations in the wrong shade and they look terrible. In the right shade, they are perfection. Getting the right colour really counts.

Thing is, not everyone can get to a counter or even wants to go to a counter. Also, in general we are becoming more and more reliant on online shopping because it’s brilliant! I actually buy all my beauty online, especially as there are so many online exclusive and early releases, not to mention shopping from the US of A!

This latest innovation from Boots, in the form of the No7 Match Made Skin Tone Analysis App, means that we can now be in control of what we choose and how we want it to look. With the app, you will get a virtual service that enables you to find the right shade without even leaving the house. How clever!

No7 Match Made Skin Tone Analysis App – How Does it Work?

No7 Match Made Skin Tone Analysis App
No7 Match Made Skin Tone Analysis App

There’s a bit of kit you need to get this up and running and then you are sorted.

  • Pick up the free No7 Match Made skin tone analysis card from Boots stores
  • Alternative the card will be delivered with all beauty orders from 18th September
  • Once the app is downloaded, hold the analysis card against the jaw line & let the app take three separate pictures of both sides of the face
  • The app tells you which skin-true shade that is right for you
  • Finally, you can view your No7 Match Made foundation choices on or find your nearest counter

The app has already been tested by consumers and 93% of them were satisfied that the chosen shade was suited to their natural skin tone.

And that’s not all. Next in the plan is extension of the No7 Match Made skin tone analysis App to include No7 lipsticks and blushers so you can find the most flattering shades for your skin tone without having to go anywhere or speak to a soul!

The No7 Match Made skin tone analysis App is available to download on iPhone and Android from 31 August 2016.



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