NYX Pro Foundation Mixer Review & Swatches

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer Review & Swatches

12 Apr 2016

Ever dreamt that you could custom blend your foundation to achieve own idea of perfection? Well this new launch from NYX has been developed to allow you to do just that. Here are the details on the new NYX Pro Foundation Mixer shades with all the swatches. Enjoy! Order them here

nyx pro foundation mixer
NYX Pro Foundation Mixer Review

So these new shade mixers have been designed to allow you to lighten or darken your foundation shade, adjust the tone, and also tweak the skin finish. How exciting!! There are 6 different colours to choose from.

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer Colours

  • White – to lighten
  • Deep – deep dark brown to darken
  • Warmth – burnt orange to add warmth
  • Olive – deep beige with olive undertone
  • Opalescent – sheer white with opalescent shimmer
  • Luminous – champagne cream with gold undertone
nyx pro foundation mixer
NYX Pro Foundation Mixer Review

You can literally transform your foundation into just what you want it to be. So exciting! It’s a touch dark, add white; it’s too light, go for olive or deep, depending on skin tone; too cool? Add some warmth in!! I love this. I am SO not a colour expert but I can’t wait to experiment and I definitely have a foundation or two that could be a touch lighter.

And then you can adjust the finish!! You can add in a warm glow with Luminous or go for something brighter with Opalescent. You can also use these as highlighters on their own. Brilliant!! You can literally be your own makeup artist!

NYX Pro Foundation Mixer Swatches

White, Deep, Warmth, Olive, Opalescent, Luminous:

nyx pro foundation mixer swatch
NYX Pro Foundation Mixer Swatches – Deep, White, Warmth, Olive, Opalescent, Luminous
nyx pro foundation mixer swatch
NYX Pro Foundation Mixer Swatches – Deep, White, Warmth, Olive, Opalescent, Luminous

The colour mixers are really nicely pigmented and the 2 finish adjusters are seriously pretty. You just need a tiny dot to make a difference so each tube will last and last. Great news considering NYX is so affordable anyway. I am wondering if they could do with adding in a yellow?

The NYX Pro Foundation Mixer range are available to order here.  If you are in the US – you can order them HERE.



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6 thoughts on “NYX Pro Foundation Mixer Review & Swatches

  1. Hiya,

    When did you write this? Cant find a date. Really want to order these but they’re not available on Boots yet 🙁

    1. just this week – they haven’t launched in the UK just yet. As soon as they are online in Boots I will update the link for you 🙂

  2. I was so excited when I seen this because it looked like one of them was pink toned. But of course its NOT! How are they gonna make all these colors to change the tone of your foundation but not make a pink tone to make it cooler toned? I have to mix one of my chanel foundations with so many of my other foundations to make them cool enough because they are one of the only companies Ive found that make a really cool toned foundation w out being orange…disappointed. This done right could of opened up alot of foundations to me that I have issue with being to yellow (like Mac)

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