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Office Beauty- Ten Things You Need In Your Desk Drawer Today

21 Mar 2016

Whether you’re an 80 hours a week kind of a gal or strictly part-time, keeping your makeup looking polished and professional takes time and effort.  Here are some desk drawer beauty essentials to take you from lunch break to power meeting with never a hair out of place:

  1. Lipstick

Desk drawer beauty essentials- lipstickNothing looks worse than smudged, smeared lipstick that has faded to look like a violently bright lip liner worn alone. So if you love to wear red, touch it up throughout the day to keep it looking fierce or choose a long lasting formula. If you’re not keen on touch-ups, wear a nude or pinky shade lipstick that won’t fade as obviously. Clinique Bare Pop works well for that naturally pulled together look.

  1. Nail Polish Remover

Desk drawer beauty essentials nail polish removerIt’s Monday morning, you ran for the bus, and it’s only when you plonk yourself into your office chair, perspiring gently (ahem!), that you notice that Saturday night’s glittery blue polish is still clinging to half your nails. For ‘morning after’ nail emergencies, I like the pots that you dip nails into, way easier for surreptitious polish removal under the desk!

  1. Eye Make Up Remover 

Desk drawer beauty essentials eye makeup removerHow many times have you headed to the toilets only to discover that your new mascara has slid down your cheeks, spider legs style, and that you’ve spent the morning chatting to colleagues with not a single one of them mentioning your mishap? Dip a cotton bud in makeup remover to take away any mascara disasters and act like it never happened. My favourite eye makeup remover is Lancome bi-facil

  1. Clear Polish.

Desk drawer beauty essentials clear polishClear polish is not really about your nails, it’s about your tights. Dab a spot of the cheapest clear polish you can find onto ladders until you can get out to the shops to buy a new pair. Better still, keep a spare pair of tights in your desk drawer too.

  1. Hairbrush

Desk drawer beauty essentials hair brushKeep a mini hairbrush tucked in your desk drawer- especially for windy days (which is almost every day in the UK, right?!) There’s no point in religiously blow drying your hair to perfection if the first gust of wind turns you straight into a scarecrow. Try this compact Tangle Teezer

  1. Dry Shampoo & Hairspray

Desk drawer beauty essentials dry shampooDry shampoo is the modern day answer to a difficult morning. If children, pets or alarm disasters meant you had to skip your morning wash and blow dry, a quick squirt of dry shampoo (Coloured ones are best if you have dark hair) are perfect for perking up your hair before a big meeting. Equally, for those days when your hair simply won’t behave, fix it with hairspray and be on your way.

  1. Deodorant

Desk drawer beauty essentials deoderantUnless you’re someone that simply doesn’t sweat(lucky you!)  there’s nothing worse than dashing around and suddenly realising that you forgot your deodorant in the morning’s rush. Save yourself from stressing- a solid stick deodorant that you can sneakily apply under your jacket when no one is looking or pop in a pocket when you nip to the loo is all it takes to save yourself from the stress of sweaty armpits. I think Mitchum Powder Fresh works best.

  1. A Mirror

Desk drawer beauty essentials mirrorOk, so you can run to the bathroom and touch up your face, but sometimes you need to fix things up sneakily without leaving your desk. A small hand mirror that you can use with minimal fuss is perfect for checking that everything is in place. This Paul & Joe Mirror is suitably stylish for office use.

  1. Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Desk drawer beauty essentials toothbrushThat lunchtime garlic bread might have seemed like a great idea at the time, but to save your colleagues from the pleasure of your post lunch breath keep a mini brush and paste in your desk. Helps when you’ve hit the wine at a client lunch too!

  1. Compact Umbrella

umbrella Desk drawer beauty essentialsAn umbrella might not seem like a beauty staple, but trust us, your hair will look better if you don’t get drenched to the skin when you pop out for a sandwich! Find stylish umbrella options here. Oh, and don’t forget to keep a charger in your drawer so you’re always ready to take the perfect selfie! You’re welcome.

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