Orveda Eye Unveiler 422 - A First in Biomimetic Technology
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Orveda Eye Unveiler 422 – A First in Biomimetism

20 Jul 2018

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The latest launch from Orveda is pretty special because it addresses the entire eye area including lashes and brows for a complete overhaul. Here’s the low down on Orveda Eye Unveiler 422.

Orveda Eye Unveiler 422
Orveda Eye Unveiler 422

So this is a first of its kind because the product uses biomimetism which is basically an action that imitates nature and mimics biological systems. It works to create what the skin does naturally by mimicking skin structure to strengthen the eye area. It promises to be the most concentrated eye cream in the world, without being the most expensive.

Orveda Eye Unveiler 422 Features

  • Daily intensive and addictive eye contour cream moisturiser
  • Designed to act on all areas of the eye zone, including upper & lower lids and brows & lashes
  • Age-proofs the skin
  • Targets fine lines, dark circles, colour, puffiness, hollows, firmness and elasticity
  • Rich, yet non-shiny prebiotic formula
  • Mimic skin’s structure with 4% sterols, 2% ceramides & 2% fatty acids
  • Bio-fermented Kombucha black tea provides luminosity and a lipo-fill effect
  • Nourishes and helps to rebuild the skin’s superficial barrier
  • Instantly absorbs into the skin thanks to its mimetic structure
  • Suitable for all skin types including sensitive
  • Vegan and cruelty free
Orveda Eye Unveiler 422
Orveda Eye Unveiler 422

The texture of the Orveda Eye Unveiler 422 is very interesting. It is really rich and comforting, however, it instantly absorbs and disappears into the skin. There are two tools that come with it – a black pin-point applicator to apply, and also a pure silicone pad to stretch and smooth the lid’s skin, including brow area.

Orveda Eye Unveiler 422
Orveda Eye Unveiler 422

I dab it on with the applicator, and smooth it over the whole area with the pad and it literally vanishes. Apparently this is down to the way it mimics skin structure making the skin readily accept it. It leaves a matte yet illuminated look on the skin and is perfect for under makeup.

Anyone that wants to boost brows or lashes will be really interested to learn that the formula uses a unique mix of peptide and clover flower extract to nourish and strengthen lash and brow hair.

Clinical Trials

  • Reduces skin roughness and dryness (-67%)*
  • Boosts skin luminosity (+24%)*
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines (-23%)*
  • Firms the appearance of lid skin (+11,8%)*
  • Helps minimise the appearance of eye puffiness (-27%)*
  • Visibly minimises the appearance of dark circle hollows (-12,6%)*.

* Clinical measurements realized under dermatological control after 28 days of AM/PM usage, on 23 testers.

I think this is a really special brand and it looks set to gain real cult beauty status globally.

The Orveda Eye Unveiler 422 is £190 and is available exclusively HERE now. It will launch at Harvey Nichols where the full range is currently stocked in September 2018.

Please let me know if you have any questions, and stay tuned to the homepage and Instagram for news on all the latest launches and products. Find the Facebook page here.



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  1. Oh, it’s like Skinceuticals Triple Lipid Cream. My guess is this is what this eye cream is based off of. Sounds really interesting!

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