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Removeil Silver Fibre Ecofriendly Makeup Remover Review

29 May 2017

How do you remove your makeup? Wet wipes are drying, cotton wool pads are wasteful, washable cloths seem like the ideal solution. The problem with washable cloths is that they harbour bacteria. You can wash them often but there is no way of knowing if there are any microbes lurking.

Removeil Silver Fibre Make-up Remover Cloth
Removeil Silver Fibre Make-up Remover Cloth

Removeil have come up with a makeup cloth made with actual silver fibre that prevents microbial growth. I was literally dead chuffed when I heard about the Removeil, this is a genius idea! Silver ions are capable of killing off bacteria and fungi by inactivating proteins and at the same time it’s safe for the skin. Silver has long been used for wound care because of its cleansing properties.

Removeil Silver Fibre Make-up Remover Cloth- How it works

Removeil is a two sided makeup removal cloth. One side (the grey side) is a soft microfibre cloth and the other (the black side) is for exfoliation. You use the microfibre cloth to remove makeup and the black silver fibre side to exfoliate. The cloth is woven with actual silver fibres that continually produce silver ions. Silver ions are positively charged and are attracted to negatively charged bacteria; the ions enter bacteria’s cell membrane and prevent their reproduction. The silver fibres in Removeil continually create free ions even after washing the cloth. The makers claim that the silver ions will oxygenate the skin and stimulate its regeneration. Removeil can be washed up to 250 times and still create free silver ions.

How I Got on With Removeil Silver Fibre Make-up Remover Cloth

Removeil Silver Fibre Make-up Remover Cloth
Removeil Silver Fibre Make-up Remover Cloth

You can use Removeil with a cleanser or with water alone. I did find that the cloth didn’t exactly glide across my skin particularly without cleanser. I’ve been using Removeil with my current favourite cleanser, Ultrabland by Lush, and it works really well. I rinse the Removeil in hot water and wring it out. I use the soft microfibre side to cleanse and remove my makeup, then the coarser black side for exfoliation.

The makeup removing side does a good job of removing makeup, I still use a makeup remover for my waterproof mascara- I don’t want to rub too hard at my precious eyelashes. The silver/black side gives a nice gentle exfoliation. Removeil leaves my skin feeling really clean and makeup free.

I love the idea of Removeil. It really ticks a lot of boxes- eco friendly, reusable, multifunctional, it has possible skincare benefits, it’s mess free and time friendly. It differs from other makeup removing cloths in that it actually kills bacteria, posing no risk to my acne prone skin. My only reservation is that it doesn’t move nicely across the skin. You can get round that by wrapping the cloth around the fingertips when cleansing.

Removeil is a very clever idea, it’s really handy and portable and it makes perfect sense to use silver in a face cleansing cloth. Removeil is £24.99 and is available to buy here

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