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Rimmel In Shower Tan Review

2 Apr 2016

Fake tan that you can apply while you’re having a shower sounds rather odd but it’s actually a thing. Rimmel Sunshimmer have added their contribution to this new tanning genre and I have been trying it out. Here’s the low down on the Rimmel In Shower Tan.

rimmel in shower tan
Rimmel In Shower Tan Review

So a quick bit of background on this. St Tropez were actually first to market with this kind of shower tanner and I was really excited to try it until I found out that you actually had to get out of the shower, apply it, then wait around for 3 minutes before you can get back in the shower and rinse it off. Obviously 3 minutes isn’t long, but in shower time it’s a lot longer – I know this from painstakingly timing hair masks! So I was put off.

Anyway, I recently came across the Rimmel In Shower Tan which you basically apply away from the running shower and then rinse off pretty much straight away. They say it’s a one minute express application which is basically the time it takes to apply the product to your whole body. So there’s no waiting around. Excellent!

Rimmel In Shower Tan Features

  • 1-Minute Express application
  • Buildable
  • Moisturising formula
  • No fake tan smell
  • Colour develops after a few hours
rimmel in shower tan
Rimmel In Shower Tan Review

So I got in the shower, did my usual stuff in terms of shower gel and then got to the tanning part. The product looks like a normal cream and it spread easily over wet skin. It feels oily and as it covers the skin, you start to see little bobbles of water forming, like you have been waterproofed.

I took some time to make sure I was spreading it over evenly, then went under the shower to rinse it away. I have to say, it doesn’t really rinse off and you can still feel it on the skin even after a few minutes. The key is to blot your body dry with no rubbing at all.

rimmel in shower tan
Rimmel In Shower Tan Review

So I did all this, and then got dressed without moisturising as I didn’t want to upset the tan. Also I didn’t feel like my skin needed it, as I could still feel the oiliness of the tan.

Then I decided to look up some customer reviews of the tan which made me start to panic! It seems that there are a few people that didn’t get on too well at all. At this point I had had it on for a few hours and it was certainly too late to do anything about it. By bedtime, my skin was starting to tan nicely but I was scared that when I woke up it was all going to be a blotchy nightmare!

I have to say though, it wasn’t a disaster at all and for a first try, I was pretty pleased with the results. There was a bit of blotchiness on the side of my foot and my toes, and also I missed a bit on my back, but other than that, it was really good. I was expecting it to be very light and not really that noticeable, but it gave a really good colour and I buffed the blotchy bits on my feet when I showered and things looked a lot better. Next time I’ll be more careful on the feet and back. It’s a plan!

I applied this 4 days ago and the colour has lasted really well – there’s no fading or uneveness to report just yet. I am keen to see how the second application will go, and I’ll update as soon as I do it and get the results. I am definitely up for continuing to use it.

It didn’t dry out my skin at all which is great. I have to say, if I had read the customer reviews first, I may not have given this a go at all, so it shows it really is down to personal experience. I consider myself a bit of a fake tan pro as I have been doing it year round for many years, so it might be worth taking that into account. FYI, the Rimmel Tanning Mousse is excellent and performs as well as many more expensive, high ends products so that’s a definite recommend.

Rimmel In Shower Tan is RRP £9.99 and you can order it online HERE for £6.99. I’d love to hear how you get on!



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One thought on “Rimmel In Shower Tan Review

  1. Hiya I’m really keen to try this as I am finding St Tropez really expensive! The thing I like about St Tropez is the fact that you can keep applying it and it doesn’t go blotchy and flake like normal self tans – look nice for a week then bad for a week if you get me – how did you find it when you kept applying? Did you have to scrub off and start again? Thanks let me know! Great post btw! X

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