Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation – Before & After

Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation – Before & After #AD

14 Aug 2017

So here is my final post in my Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation series. I have now reached where I wanted to be with my hair colour! Admittedly, I do think it’s going to be an ongoing evolution and I am now totally hooked on my six-weekly sessions with Mia at the Covent Garden salon.

Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation – Before & After
Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation – Before & After

So when I started this little project and mentioned to people that I wanted my hair to be blonder, I don’t think that anyone could really visualise what that would look like, and whether it would even suit me!! So that’s where the true professionals came in because Mia has a keen eye for which tones will suit her client’s skin tone and colouring in general. And I am so happy with what Mia has created for me. I love my hair more than I ever have and this is so important to me because it is such a huge part of my identity. I’m a Leo and it’s like my lion’s mane!

Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation – Before & After
Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation

I always say, I’d rather leave the house without makeup than bad hair, and when my hair is looking great, I could be wearing anything, and just minimal makeup, and I’d still feel amazing.

In this post, I just wanted to recap on the ‘journey’ (I hate saying that!) and show you had we made the transformation in three stages.

Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation – The Steps


Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation – Before & After

Appointment One

Following my consultation, my first appointment was where the main transformation happened.

Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation
Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation

Although the results were fairly subtle, it was when most of the foundation changes were made and the longest time in the salon. I loved it straight away and started to understand where I was heading.

Appointment Two

I was so excited for my second session, because, over the six weeks, I completely fell in love with the new tones in my hair and loved the way it enhanced the wavy style that I am completely addicted to. This appointment was all about lightly boosting the blonde pieces and colouring the roots. The focus was on minimising damage and maintaining the condition of the hair whilst highlighting the changes in the colour.

Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation
Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation

Even though this was appointment where the least actual change, this was when I started to notice a dramatic difference and loved it even more. Funny isn’t it!?

Appointment Three

This time we decided to add more blonde pieces in the lengths and also around the face to stop it from looking flat. We also added a cooler tone to the roots to reveal the blonde contrast even more. I love the way I say ‘we’!! Ha – I just sat there!!

Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation – Before & After
Sassoon Hair Colour Transformation

Mia is amazing. She completely understands what I want from my hair and one of the most impressive parts is that the condition has not suffered at all. It still feels soft and strong, in spite of the chemical processes it has been through over the last few months. I’m so happy.

Later this week, I’ll be sharing a post about the products I have been using to care for my hair so stay tuned to the homepage for that!

I have another appointment booked with Mia in September, so make sure you are following me on Instagram to see where I go next with my hair. For more information about having your hair coloured at Sassoon, click HERE.



This post is sponsored by Sassoon and the final part of my hair colour makeover project.

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