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SHOW Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

11 May 2017

I am always on the lookout for something that will make my fine hair feel and look thicker, whether it’s shampoos and conditioners or styling products. SHOW Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo and Conditioner range offers to lift hair from the roots, thus adding volume, bounce and fullness to the hair- sounds great! Find them here

SHOW Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo and Conditioner
SHOW Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

First things first, this range costs £30 each for the shampoo and conditioner, it’s a high-end brand and was founded by Tamara Ecclestone who serves as Creative Director. It is aiming to bring back decadent glamour through its range of products. This can be seen in the packaging; I love the classic, elegant look of the bottles, they look great in my bathroom and really stand out. My favourite part of the packaging is definitely the lid, who doesn’t love such a gorgeous touch of bling?

SHOW Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo and Conditioner
SHOW Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Enriched with Caviar and White Truffle extracts, this range also features nourishing wheat proteins and both products are paraben and sulphate free. In combination they provide nourishment for the hair and scalp without weighing down your hair. Both products also smell amazing and I found the scent slightly lingered on my hair afterwards too.

SHOW Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo and Conditioner
SHOW Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo

When testing I applied the shampoo first. This is a clear liquid and the product comes out via a pump nozzle. The opening isn’t very big so I used 3-4 pumps for my hair as it’s quite long- however if you have shorter hair you might be pleased to get a smaller amount as the product is expensive. Despite having no sulphates, I achieved a good lather with the shampoo, I’m old school- I like bubbles! The shampoo washed out very easily.

The conditioner is more of a pearlised pink colour, very pretty, again, I used a good couple of pumps for my hair, mainly concentrating on the ends. This washed out just as easily as the shampoo.

SHOW Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo and Conditioner
SHOW Beauty Lux Volume Conditioner

After using these products I found my hair was really easy to comb through after towel drying. My hair tangles easily and can be painful, but my brush just glided through, a definite plus for me.

I always air dry my hair overnight and my hair was pretty dry in the morning so worked as well as my usual hair washing combo (I use the Herbal Essences Daily Detox range usually as previously reviewed).

My hair definitely felt thicker, but the only downside was that my roots looked as though I was on a second day wash, not freshly washed. This is something I found over the next few times of using it too, even though I varied how much I used etc. it’s something that I can live with to get the trade off on volume but I would wash my hair daily just to feel it’s really clean.

I have since tried this on my sons hair, he has inherited his father’s thicker hair and his hair came up looking amazing after using this combination. It looked much thicker and fuller than before, plus as a 7 year old boy who is very active, his hair smelled nice even after he’s been sweating.

SHOW Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo and Conditioner
SHOW Beauty Lux Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

Overall I have mixed feelings about this product. I love the packaging, scent and volume/ thickness it provides. I didn’t like the appearance of my roots and also had the minor niggle about the small pump nozzle. I would like to try the other ranges they do as I feel the products are of a very good quality and if you have the budget for it you should see if there’s a product range to suit you. Find them here

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