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Sneak Peek: 24 from False Lash Effect

26 Feb 2012
Max Factor are adding another little beauty to their range of False Lash Effect Mascaras. This one is called 24!
Max Factor: 24 from False Lash Effect 
And it’s 24 for 24 hours!! This is my first go at it and I have to say I’m a fan already. Hardly surprising as I do love False Lash Effect and False Lash Effect Fusion.

Here are some one eye on, one eye off shots…
Max Factor: 24 from False Lash Effect 
Max Factor: 24 from False Lash Effect 
As you can see it adds tonnes of volume and fab length too. But what’s different about this addition to the Fasle Lash Effect family is that it has a built-in primer that claims to wrap each lash from root to tip which binds the mascara to the lashes.
It uses the big brush from False Lash Effect which allows a large area of contact with lashes so that the product glides on.
Max Factor: 24 from False Lash Effect 
“Now unstoppable girls can get unstoppable lashes; bold and beautifully separated lashes that are smudge, abrasion and water resistant for up to 24 hours!”
Now I haven’t put the 24 hour theory to the test yet but it certainly feels pretty sturdy so far and I definitely love the look it creates.
I am going to put the 24 hour claim to the test and will back to you with news of that very soon!
Here’s 2 eyes done so you can get the real picture of how it looks…
Max Factor: 24 from False Lash Effect 
24 from False Lash Effect will be available from April 2012 and will cost £11.99.
EXCLUSIVE PRE-SALE ALERT!!! For those of you that can’t wait until April, Max Factor have agreed to release 250 of these babies to be sold on on 7th March 2012 at 10am. Exciting!!!
Like I said, there’s only 250 so you’ll have to be quick to click!
Stay tuned for my report on the 24 hour staying power!
Are you a Max Factor False Lash Effect fan?

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